Friday, December 7, 2007

Elf On the Shelf!

Have you guys heard about this new craze? My cousin Anna Catherine called me all in tizzy today telling me about this elf! Later her mother called and explained it all to me. The jist is some brilliant woman came up with an idea to create a small elf and a story line and she sells them online. All the kids at school have these "elfs on a shelf" and they watch over the kids to make sure they behave and he reports directly to santa! At night the elves play pranks on the kids by moving stuff around and all of that. In order to lure the elf to come to your house, you must set out crackers and a glass of salt water with a straw! Next thing you know (and $45 later) you have an Elf on a Shelf! the kids are going nuts over this! I really do think its a great fun thing to do with your kids during the holidays not to mention that added leverage you have to make them behave!
" You better be nice because the elf is watching! "
You can order them here, or you can just make your own elf and story up. Be advised that the kids talk about this in school so make sure your elf story matches their elf story! ha

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Candice said...

OMG! The guys at my office have them, and one guy even went to Chick-fil-a, and left the elf in the car, so it looked like the elf did it, he even parked the car in the neighbors driveway as if the elf didn't know what he was doing! I LOVE THIS IDEA

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