Sunday, December 30, 2007

Crazy Comment War

So some you have been participating in the political commentary war on Granpa's latest article, and some have not. MANY people have emailed me about it and are passionate in one regard or another so I am posting a new vote ( my dad's idea: thanks dad) to see how many peeps appreciated the article and how many were offended. Not for any real reason other than curiosity. Now ya'll quit emailing me about it and comment on the blog! Its more fun that way. FYI for anyone interested Dusty & I still love each other, we are just rowdy people!
I appreciate everyone's interest, commentary and most of all FOOTWORK ! Keep me educated! Tonya at SSW used to do this for me all the time, speaking of TONYA where are her comments.. hmmm. Let us hear you Tonya!

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