Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cool Website of the Day: Sleep Machines

It is really rare that someone tells me about something on the internet that
a.) I have never seen before
b.) that I think is cool

BUT, ole Courtney has really impressed me with this site:
What it is , is a website that you can use for FREE 99 to make your own sleep sounds. If you have ever lived in an apartment with loud stompy neighbors then you can appreciate this!

Back when I lived at Westshore, a sleep machine saved me! I had 2 interesting dude neighbors who watched Star Wars every night on surround sound.. which my bedroom and their living room walls were the same so I felt like i was front row and center. I bought a sound machine to help me get through the night shortly before they were evicted for harboring an illegal weener dog. ha
Anyway, this site has 4 mixers so that you can say, mix the drum with a crackling fire noise, or waves with sea gulls etc. Go try it out! You will see I am right!


Courtney said...

its the best sleep ive ever had! ha!

grizaham said...

Things that i can hear while i sleep give me nightmares. i.e. the other night i slept with the TV on and i had nightmares about Scientology... When i woke up in a cold sweat i noticed the TV program was discussing evolution and science... :0

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