Friday, December 21, 2007

Cool Skins for Iphone & Ipods!

I am a huge fan of decal skins for all my gadgets because:
1. the protect said gadget from scratches etc
2. I can change the look or color of my gadgets often and easily
3. they are cheap!

So I present to you my favorite online dealer of skins Decal
They have many great designs and shapes to choose from for about $6 a pop. They come in about a week. I am currently sporting Red plaid on my ipod. Oh! Another reason why these are great is because white ipods will fade or turn yellow when out in the sun too much (beachside poolside etc.) so keep it covered with a skin! If you order for Iphone, they will give you a code for the matching wallpaper.

If you want a skin with a more artistic vibe or theme you can shop at


grizaham said...

Wow those are sweeeeet, but i don't want one! :)

kristicpoltrack said...

i love skins, too, LG....and of course I have a leopard skin! i'll have to check out the website you referred to for more :)

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