Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas with the Stovalls!

Erik & I went to Stevie's mom's house the other night to do Christmas with them since he is working and I will be in MOnroeville on Christmas. We had a blast! This is also the home of "Me" and i was sad to see he is starting to say "I" more and more now! He was having a blast with the punching bag we gave him and also clinging to Erik's leg while Erik walked around the house. ha They were so cute! David was "star student" that day and showed us all his school work! Stevie LOVED the Star Wars light saber thing we gave him. Erik liked it too ha. Samuel was a cute little Santa and Becca was amazingly calm as they boys ran rampant with all the excitement! It was totally fun! Hopefully after we get moved we can have another spend the night party! Oh I almost forgot to mention that they got Ralphie and Flossie some cute outfits for Christmas! Stevie gave Erik a set of "men's sexiest scents" LOL and me some cute santa soaps!

1 comment:

grizaham said...

IT was a great time.. Those kids are pretty neat.

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