Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Lights

I LOVE outdoor Christmas Lights. I am just wondering what everyone else thinks about them.
Notice the new poll on the left!  I have always wanted to have an obnoxiously decorated yard at Christmastime. My mother, on the other hand DID NOT. I can only really think of one time in my life that she was angry with me. ( I am sure there were others.. but I didn't know ha) I got my dad to take her somewhere and then I got my neighbor to drive me to the drugstore and I bought tons of colored christmas lights and decorated the front of our house.  Then dad brought mom back home so she could see my masterpiece all aglow. I also told people that I planned to do this and they all drove by and honked their horns and such, which made the poorly received joke even worse! Do you remember that Momma? She was NOT happy!!  
So Keisha & I really love how serious these Tennessee folks take their Christmas Lights! They are everywhere and LOTS of them. They also buy those big blow up things with the snow blowing all inside of them!
Next year, our dream house will be the Beacon of East Nashville! ha


Lizzy said...

You guys can be like Christmas Vacations' The Griswold's but, of course, you are The Griza's..

jessidesign said...

I love Christmas lights and looking at other people's more than anything, except sitting by a beautiful Christmas tree!

Courtney said...

by keisha did you mean coco? or were you referring to your inner keisha? cuz you do know how much i LOVE LOVE LOVE the christmas lights!!!!

Cary said...

Your Mother is right - don't be TACKY! I really don't like outside lights at all or the big blow up things! Just a wreath on the front door and possibly some swags (or whatever?) and I am cool.

grizaham said...

Yeah, lets just throw up some white lights and a huge family of blow up christmas icons.. War Eagle.

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