Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Card Update!

Ok today was a big day with the cards! We got like 9 in the mail and most of them were picture cards! so updating the list we have: Candice & Lily, Sandra & Les, The Keltons, Angie Rowell Lane, Jelani & Shawanna, The Poltracks, The Sellers, Krista & kids, The Leverings, Nicole & Mark, The Fixels, Mr. Andy, Becky & Phil , & Tonya & Starr!
Great cards you guys! we are at 42 total!
John Brandt.. WHERE is my card? Bobby? Strobels? Linzy?Marty? Emily? Susannah?
Ya'll don't make me get rowdy!


grizaham said...

Today was a great day. I am beginning to think christmas card anticipation and opening is more exciting than the actual christmas day!

Marty said...

I'm too self-centered to send a card, don't you guys know this?? I actually have a small gift for you 2 tho, but havent sent it yet (bc i am lazy) and am contemplating whether i should wait til next year. Let me know!

Linzy said...

mine is on its way... pregger women with the flu are allowed to be late sending christmas cards! :)

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