Thursday, December 13, 2007

Chillin With B...

This evening I am in Birmingham, AL to attend a Christmas Party given by Jessidesign. I arrived at her home before she is off work so I am inside checking on my website stuff and chillin with her cat Beatrix. I don't really know much about cats, because that was the one animal I was never allowed to have when I was little. I did find one once and tried to keep it secret in my playhouse .. but that got messy since I didn't know they require a litter box.
Anyway.... This cat is very pretty.. and apparently really likes me. I didn't think cats like people much. He is making a lot of noise, and I am not sure what that means? Maybe he/she is having some breathing difficulties or it could be that B is really enjoying my company? B also keeps bopping me with its nose... which i think means pet me? She seems to understand English and it hasn't scratched me (yet) so that's good!
Anyways, Jess has alot of neat rugs everywhere and that makes me think, soon we will need rugs too. We have a fabulous one that my aunt gave us from Pottery Barn (that I cant wait to retrieve from storage) but we will need many because the new house has hard woods in EVERY room up & downstairs. I know many of you are great bargain shoppers and have kids and pets so I want some suggestions on where to shop for new rugs! I am contemplating FLOR
because that will be easy to clean and change up with my revolving taste.
Anyway... leave me some comments and tell me what you guys think about that.
Tomorrow I will be visiting the storage unit. OH! How I miss my stuff. Erik says this is stupid but I can't help it. I'm just a girl who likes stuff and I miss all my stuff! I will be on a mission to recover our Christmas Decorations and our box of CD's since I lost all the music on my computer in the crash. I'll be sure to let ya'll know how it goes. ha


grizaham said...

Nice little story babe. We had a cat growing up.. It was nice. But then in college my good friend had a cat that was constantly in heat and was always exposing herself. Long story short -> I cannot have a cat ever again.

Candice said...


jessidesign said...

it's called purring, beatrix purrs a lot, she is loud.

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