Friday, December 21, 2007

Another Reason to Love Nashville! xoxoxo

I will probably always advocate moving to Nashville. I feel like it was one the bigger decisions Erik and I have made as a married couple, but I also feel that it was one of the best decisions we have made as a married couple. Leaving Auburn, I felt like I was leaving behind half of myself, leaving Birmingham I felt relieved, but moving to Nashville, I feel like I am home. This really is a great place to live, for so many reasons which I plan to cover over the next few weeks. Today I will just tell you a silly reason.
I was setting up all the utilities to be in our name at the new house today. In Alabama, you always have to make a hefty deposit to turn them on or transfer them etc. That bothers me because I am always a person who pays my bills. I mean yes, I may make the unnecessary purchase from time to time, but I always pay bills first, in full, and on time. So the thought of having to give any utility company $200 to become their customer annoys me! In Nashville they give you a few options like they can run a credit check, or take a deposit. So I chose the credit check and each company waived that stupid deposit fee! And then like icing on the cake, Nashville Metro doesn't charge you for Trash pick up OR recycling! WOAH that is cool man!


grizaham said...

Yeah Nashville is a great place babe. Another huge advantage of living here is a sparse population of BAMA fans! :)

Marty said...

One of these days i'd like to move back... but i don't think it'll be in H'ville. I really hope you guys enjoy it over there in E-Nash. I remember the days when that area was quite scary. Just don't send your kids to Stratford!!

Super Scory said...

Dang, we have to pay for our recycling! Booooo! Would love to see your house when you get everything the way you want it! :)

Oh yeah, Roll Tide Erik! :)

Kyle said...

I would also like to live in Nashville. Just being up there for Christmas really made me miss it. Maybe someday that will come true.

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