Monday, December 31, 2007

NYE Celebration at the Graham Compound!

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Tonight we are having a NYE party with friends and family to help get 2008 off to a great start. We also will be celebrating our 4th Year of being together and our 2nd Year of Marriage ! Erik & I met at a NYE party in Nashville in 2003!! We got married on the 2nd because they couldn't marry us on New Years in Mexico! We still celebrate it all on NYE though and a Mexican dinner on the 2nd! Interestingly enough, our new neighbors Chad & Jennifer have the same anniversary!! So triple celebration !!
Hope you all have a safe and happy New Years Eve!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Newest XXX XXX on my list!

I am not gonna go off on a big celebrity tangent because that is one of Erik's favorite soap boxes and trust me when I say ya'll do NOT want to get him started HA. So last night was a Pred's game and Kelli Pickler was there again. Looking cute as ever, and she let me take her pic. She is really the sweetest little thing and I think that is super cool that she accepts (with grace) that being a celebrity in a public place means you will be approached. She has been so nice whenever I have seen her.
Then we go upstairs to the club where the predator players come after the game to speak on the radio and sign autographs. Last year and previous years there were no limitations on this and they probably would sign about 20 things a night. This year they have changed it so that ONLY kids can get autographs and only TEN kids can get them if they have a pink pass. I think that is pretty lame, especially when you consider that the Preds need all the fan support they can get so that they can sell out the arena each game and stay in Nashville. Well last night, Erik's favorite player XXX XXXX was the one in the club doing autographs and he only signed 6 out of his 10 required autographs, then he left. He turned away all those small children (whose parents spend GOBS of money on these games) with no remorse. The last time he came out a few weeks ago to sign he slung a water bottle down and refused to sign anything. How COOL & TOUGH is this guy?
Anyway, I say all of this to point out 2 very different sides of celebs and how ironic I thought it was that the one off duty was so accomodating!

Crazy Comment War

So some you have been participating in the political commentary war on Granpa's latest article, and some have not. MANY people have emailed me about it and are passionate in one regard or another so I am posting a new vote ( my dad's idea: thanks dad) to see how many peeps appreciated the article and how many were offended. Not for any real reason other than curiosity. Now ya'll quit emailing me about it and comment on the blog! Its more fun that way. FYI for anyone interested Dusty & I still love each other, we are just rowdy people!
I appreciate everyone's interest, commentary and most of all FOOTWORK ! Keep me educated! Tonya at SSW used to do this for me all the time, speaking of TONYA where are her comments.. hmmm. Let us hear you Tonya!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Granpa & Spence!

Today is Granpa's Birthday! I am pretty sure he is 25 too!
Spence my friend I made at church camp in 1997 turns... 28 or 29 today! Which once Spence?

Results of the Poll......

Well I am sad that I have 0 strangers who are reading or voting!
28 peeps are interested and
6 are reading b/c I nag them! ha Keep it up !
2008 will be a great year on the Griza Blog with lots of new things. I am going to start decorating our new house on a tight budget so I will share with you my tips and tricks and before and after photos as well.
Another topic I plan to cover often is blogging tips. So many people have emailed me about this so I think I shall start posting weekly on that since it is such a point of interest.
November & December were my best sales YET for Thanks to all the friends who send me customers!
Oh, also some great great news! Jay Wright & Gwynne Hartson are engaged! I personally am so excited about this because I have always thought they are such a great couple! Congrats you guys!

Well I think that is all for now. I have to ship out about 1000 ebay items today and I am DREADING it. rats.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Lots of Things....

We have so much to get caught up on and I will try to get it all done, but I have to be honest and say that our new cottage house is calling to me to start moving!
We closed yesterday at 4 and I am so excited! and Now I have to say that the seller's agent XXX XXXXX is a truly unethical agent and I wouldn't recommend her to ANYONE. I could go on and on but I will just touch on this by saying that she knew there was a lease agreement on our house and that people would be moving in, and she didn't disclose this to us EVER, we actually found them there when the inspections started being done, and like icing on the cake she knew that was coming and asked us for MORE EARNEST money right before we found out about the renters. On top of this, she somehow manages to stay very busy and is hard to get a hold of or get anything done with.. anyway she showed up at the closing yesterday and was making small chat and about all I could give her was a "yes" or " no" because otherwise I would have GONE OFF on her. Nasty woman.
Anyway, our dream home was renovated by a woman and she did a great job AND she is an Auburn Grad! I point out that she is female b/c she thought of alot of neat things that I think a man would have forgotten, like customized closets, or smart placing of electrical outlets, or a built in spice rack. Extra touches that go a long way in woman world. Kim Pounders is her name... so look for her houses. She also works in ATL.
Now I don't know if you guys realized or not but our Realtor, Sara, was a good friend of The Grahams and so we have known her forever and she is a lot of fun and this whole process was made special by having her around because there were so many times I wanted to call Mrs Norma and tell her about the house , but couldnt. Sara was there and so helpful and patient with me too! ha Thanks Sara! But the coolest thing is that she got us this neat basket for moving in and SHE GOT THE DOGS ONE TOO!! and in the dog basket she bought them each a pair of "Doggles" which are dog goggles. We have had the best time with those things! The dog children... not so much but Erik, Julie and I have been laughing non stop!
Feast your eyes on THIS:

PS. My momma & nonnie made me remove the hateful woman's name from the blog for fear of a slander case but I am super annoyed that so many times I have to take things like that down that are TRUE stories , I mean if she is embarrassed about it she shouldnt have done it to start with. RAH Anyway maybe I will just start telling mny stories and X out the name and you call can email me if you wanna know the name!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Granpa's Political Corner: To Obama or Not to Obama?

You had asked me to send you some impressions of Barack Obama. I think I should give you some thoughts not directly related that you might consider when going through my findings.

Consider the founders of this great nation. These men had relatively recently "escaped" from tyranny in their native land and they are faced with constructing a document, our Constitution, that will govern the new nation and establish guide lines for the development of the new nation. As you read their document you realize that while the individuals were from different backgrounds their one overriding consideration was for their new nation. The Declaration - We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness--That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed,--. The House of Representatives shall be composed of Members chosen every second Year by the people of the several States, --. The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, for six years; and each Senator shall have one Vote.

By forming a Union each State agreed to adopt the Constitution. Thus each State and every Citizen assumed the responsibility to see that the Constitution was the law of the land. In our stewardship we have failed miserably. It seems to me that the Constitution did not intend for a person to make a career of being a Representative or a Senator. Rather, I think, it intended for a Representative or Senator to serve their country to the best of their ability for a relatively short time then move on. We have allowed our elected officials to become entrenched in Congress where they have voted themselves pay and retirement packages. I don't think the Constitution intended this but through complacency we have allowed it to happen. There is, it seems to me, a movement away from what is best for the nation and toward what is best for that particular elected official, which may or may not be in the best interests of the nation. And we, the people, through neglect a nd apathy, have allowed it to come about.

As you might gather I have a pretty low opinion of the Presidency and Congress. Nonetheless I do not think any of the persons running for the office of President of the United States have the qualifications to become our president. Of course some of this is our fault.

Senator Barack Obama is a member of "Trinity United Church of Christ" ( On their "about us" page is the following. "We are a congregation which is Unashamedly Black and Unapologetically Christian... Our roots in the Black religious experience and tradition are deep, lasting and permanent. We are an African people, and remain "true to our native land," the mother continent, the cradle of civilization. God has superintended our pilgrimage through the days of slavery, the days of segregation, and the long night of racism. It is God who gives us the strength and courage to continuously address injustice as a people, and as a congregation.
we constantly affirm our trust in God and through cultural expression of a Black worship service and ministries which address the Black Community."

At the Black Value System is presented.
Trinity United Church of Christ adopted the Black Value System, written by the Manford Byrd Recognition Committee,---. (1981)
"Dr. Manford Byrd, our brother in Christ, withstood the ravage of being denied his earned ascension to the number one position in the Chicago School System. His dedication to the pursuit of excellence, despite systematic denials, has inspired the congregation of Trinity United Church of Christ. Prayerfully, we have called upon the wisdom of all past generations of suffering Blacks for guidance in fashioning an instrument of Black self-determination, the Black Value System."

"These Black Ethics must be taught and exemplified in homes, churches, nurseries and schools, wherever Blacks are gathered. They consist of the following concepts:

1. COMMITMENT TO GOD. "The God of our weary years" will give us strength to give up prayerful passivism and become Black Christian Activists, soldiers for Black freedom and the dignity of all humankind.

2. COMMITMENT TO THE BLACK COMMUNITY. The highest level of achievement for any Black person must be a contribution of strength and continuity of the Black Community.

3. COMMITMENT TO THE BLACK FAMILY. The Black family circle must generate strength, stability and love, despite the uncertainty of externals, because these characteristics are required if the developing person is to withstand warping by our racist competitive society. Those Blacks who are blessed with membership in a strong family unit must reach out and expand that blessing to the less fortunate.

4. DEDICATION TO THE PURSUIT OF EDUCATION. We must forswear anti-intellectualism. Continued survival demands that each Black person be developed to the utmost of his/her mental potential despite the inadequacies of the formal education process. "Real education" fosters understanding of ourselves as well as every aspect of our environment. Also, it develops within us the ability to fashion concepts and tools for better utilization of our resources, and more effective solutions to our problems. Since the majority of Blacks have been denied such learning, Black Education must include elements that produce high school graduates with marketable skills, a trade or qualifications for apprenticeships, or proper preparation for college.

5. DEDICATION TO THE PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE. (discussion omitted for this presentation)

(discussion omitted for this presentation)

(discussion omitted for this presentation)

Classic methodology on control of captives teaches that captors must be able to identify the "talented tenth" of those subjugated, especially those who show promise of providing the kind of leadership that might threaten the captor's control.
Those so identified are separated from the rest of the people by:
1. Killing them off directly, and/or fostering a social system that encourages them to kill off one another.
2. Placing them in concentration camps, and/or structuring an economic environment that induces captive youth to fill jails and prisons.
3. Seducing them into a socioeconomic class system which, while training them to wearn more dollars, hypnotizes them into believing they are better than others and teaches them to think in terms of "we" and "they" instead of "us".
4. So, while it is permissible to chase "middleclassness" with all our might, we must avoid the third separation method - the psychological entrapment of Black "middleclassness". If we avoid this snare, we will also diminish our "voluntary" contributions to methods A and B (I suppose this refers to 1 and 2 of the above). And more importantly, Black people no longer will be deprived of their birthright: the leadership,resourcefulness and example of their own talented persons.




To measure the worth and validity of all activity in terms of positive contributions to the general welfare of the Black Community and the Advancement of Black People towards freedom.

I know this is long but I think you should look at the evidence before you try to decide if there is any racial bias that might influence a member of that church. I sorta think that if this was a "white" church, perhaps in the south, the media would be screaming "racist, racist" or worse. Should these concepts be embraced by a candidate for the office of President of the United States?

Do you wonder why the Muslims go ape about their religion and have made no outcry about Obama becoming one of the infidels?

To make a long story short I would not vote for Obama, however, none of the other aspirants meet the test either.

Granpa Graham

Friday, December 21, 2007

New Poll! Make your vote!

New Poll on the left!! Make sure you vote! I wanna know how accurate are my statistics on google analytics! Do you know me personally? Like do you read this blog because I hound you or are you reading because you actually find it interesting? VOTE NOW

Another Reason to Love Nashville! xoxoxo

I will probably always advocate moving to Nashville. I feel like it was one the bigger decisions Erik and I have made as a married couple, but I also feel that it was one of the best decisions we have made as a married couple. Leaving Auburn, I felt like I was leaving behind half of myself, leaving Birmingham I felt relieved, but moving to Nashville, I feel like I am home. This really is a great place to live, for so many reasons which I plan to cover over the next few weeks. Today I will just tell you a silly reason.
I was setting up all the utilities to be in our name at the new house today. In Alabama, you always have to make a hefty deposit to turn them on or transfer them etc. That bothers me because I am always a person who pays my bills. I mean yes, I may make the unnecessary purchase from time to time, but I always pay bills first, in full, and on time. So the thought of having to give any utility company $200 to become their customer annoys me! In Nashville they give you a few options like they can run a credit check, or take a deposit. So I chose the credit check and each company waived that stupid deposit fee! And then like icing on the cake, Nashville Metro doesn't charge you for Trash pick up OR recycling! WOAH that is cool man!

And the Real Meaning of Flossie IS....


Main Entry:
flossy Listen to the pronunciation of flossy
\ˈflä-sē, ˈflȯ-\
Inflected Form(s):
floss·i·er; floss·i·est

1 : of, relating to, or having the characteristics of floss
2 : stylish or glamorous especially at first impression
— floss·i·ly Listen to the pronunciation of flossily \ˈflä-sə-lē\ adve

Cool Skins for Iphone & Ipods!

I am a huge fan of decal skins for all my gadgets because:
1. the protect said gadget from scratches etc
2. I can change the look or color of my gadgets often and easily
3. they are cheap!

So I present to you my favorite online dealer of skins Decal
They have many great designs and shapes to choose from for about $6 a pop. They come in about a week. I am currently sporting Red plaid on my ipod. Oh! Another reason why these are great is because white ipods will fade or turn yellow when out in the sun too much (beachside poolside etc.) so keep it covered with a skin! If you order for Iphone, they will give you a code for the matching wallpaper.

If you want a skin with a more artistic vibe or theme you can shop at

Hooray More Christmas Cards!!

So, we are now at 50 cards! New cards are:
Thaggards, Chapmans, Mom & Dad, Barnetts, Jay & Gwynne, Michelle, Danny & Alton Summers, The Gipsons, & Granma ChaCha (Norma's mother)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Birthday CC!!

Happy Birthday to my Aunt Celie! She turns 25 today! Love you!

Our New Neighborhood!

It's pretty eclectic, which I LOVE! My dad is a little horrified by the purple house across the street, but I explained to him that i prefer that ANY DAY to a neighborhood association that tries to control your every move or tells you what color to paint your bedroom. The one we had in Birmingham was AWFUL. So new neighbors, paint your house purple, put a boat in your front yard.. I don't care cause our new cottage is perfect!!
Here is an excerpt from an article about our new hood that explains how it got it's charm. It was written in 2005 so it's grown a little since then.

My husband calls it “The People’s Republic of East Nashville.” His hyperbole about our neighborhood reflects a larger truth. East Nashvillians have always felt a sense of separateness from the rest of the city across the Cumberland.

That sense of distinction was enhanced by the 1998 tornado, which left in its immediate wake a land of blue tarps and stumps. In retrospect, however, it was an ill wind that blew new life into the old ’hood. Insurance money rehabbed houses. And West Siders who came cum chain saws—or just to gawk—discovered an alternative to suburbia: an urban neighborhood with a small-town feel. After 20 years of slow reclamation and minimal outside investment, East Nashville got hot.

Post tornado, almost two-dozen restaurants and bars have opened, many in recycled architecture, exploiting the district’s funky character. An old gas station is now Café Margot, and a 1930s pharmacy houses Chapel Bistro. Bongo Java roasts coffee in a former electronics repair shop, and Family Wash serves pub food in an old laundromat.

New retail enhances the street life. Turnip Truck—the auto-body-shop-turned-health-food-grocery—offers Provence bread and homemade soup. Hordes gather at the Garage Mahal, the former tow truck shed that’s home to the annual Tomato Art Festival. Parents push kids in strollers to Nitwit & Kids, Generation Xers browse Earth Stuph and Hip Zipper. Pet owners walk Fido and Fiona to Wags & Whiskers and the Dog Barked Meow.

The high population of canines—nobody can rescue just one—has made the district home to the city’s first dog park. Bipeds recreate at Shelby Park and Bottoms, where you can not only see the river, but stroll, blade or bike beside it.

But there’s still an old East Nashville at the heart of the new one, a propensity to take business-as-usual and give it a tweak. One morning when I was getting my daily caffeine fix at Sweet 16th, I watched an MTA driver disembark with a passenger, dash into the bakery and order a cup of coffee and a lemon square before reboarding. I
rest my case.

Now you can probably gather from that why I am excited but to read the whole article

Just Like Mama...

Doggles love the space heater!!

Christmas with the Stovalls!

Erik & I went to Stevie's mom's house the other night to do Christmas with them since he is working and I will be in MOnroeville on Christmas. We had a blast! This is also the home of "Me" and i was sad to see he is starting to say "I" more and more now! He was having a blast with the punching bag we gave him and also clinging to Erik's leg while Erik walked around the house. ha They were so cute! David was "star student" that day and showed us all his school work! Stevie LOVED the Star Wars light saber thing we gave him. Erik liked it too ha. Samuel was a cute little Santa and Becca was amazingly calm as they boys ran rampant with all the excitement! It was totally fun! Hopefully after we get moved we can have another spend the night party! Oh I almost forgot to mention that they got Ralphie and Flossie some cute outfits for Christmas! Stevie gave Erik a set of "men's sexiest scents" LOL and me some cute santa soaps!

Nasty Nasty Hotels!

Erik & I have both gotten an email this week with the video exposing so many things about Hotel Sanitation. Here it is if you guys want to watch. Bottom line is they are just as gross as you can imagine. Dont drink out of the glasses!

Christmas Card Update!

Ok today was a big day with the cards! We got like 9 in the mail and most of them were picture cards! so updating the list we have: Candice & Lily, Sandra & Les, The Keltons, Angie Rowell Lane, Jelani & Shawanna, The Poltracks, The Sellers, Krista & kids, The Leverings, Nicole & Mark, The Fixels, Mr. Andy, Becky & Phil , & Tonya & Starr!
Great cards you guys! we are at 42 total!
John Brandt.. WHERE is my card? Bobby? Strobels? Linzy?Marty? Emily? Susannah?
Ya'll don't make me get rowdy!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Perfect Christmas Playlist!

Michael Bubble - Let it Snow
Maroon 5 - Happy Christmas ( no more war)
Kellie Pickler - Santa Baby
The Killers - Dont Shoot me Santa
Katherine McPhee - O Come All Ye FAithful
Cascada - Last Christmas
Boris KArloff - Welcome Christmas
Vince Guaraldi - O Tannenbaum
The Chipmunks - The Chipmunk Song
Jackson 5 - Santa is Coming
Colbie Caillat - Mistletoe
Boris Karloff - Trim up the Tree
Destiny's Child - 8 days of Christmas
Kenny G - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Boris Karloff - You're a Mean one Mr Grinch
Vince Guarldi - Greensleeves
Enya - Silent Night
Faith Hill - Where are you Christmas
Aaron Neville - The Christmas Song
Jimmy Buffett - Mele Kalikimaka
Mariah Carey - Jesus! What a Wonderful Child
Mariah Carey - Christmas ( Baby please come home)
Gloria Estefan - Christmas through Your Eyes
WHAM - Last Christmas
Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey - Baby its cold outside
Montgomery Gentry - Merry Christmas from the Family

New Numbers!

Yesterday was a big day for the blog with 100 hits! I would like to have 100 every day! Tuesdays are always good for some reason? I was reviewing my numbers today and I see that Aunt Cay has stopped by (finally!) 3 times. We also have some newbies from Illinois (mandeep?). Michigan, Kentucky, & Montana! Hooray! Hopefully you guys will keep stopping by!
Mississippi needs to step it up. Mr. Andy & Leah.. that means you guys! Currently all but 11 states have visited the blog.
22% of the visitors are new!

If I worked at TJ MAXX....

If I worked at TJ MAXX, I would make a recording and play it over the loud speaker every 30 minutes. This is what it would say:
"Merry Christmas Shoppers & Welcome to TJ MAXX. Please remember that during the Christmas season, lines will be longer, stores will be more crowded and prices will be lower! Christmas is a beautiful time and should be celebrated with great joy, please remember this as you shop and try to smile every now and then. If smiling, having any joy in Christmas whatsoever, or being considerate of fellow patrons is too much to ask of you, please exit immediately and don't come back till January 15th. Go back to your gloomy people-less cave you crawled out of and celebrate your bitterness there. Thank You & Merry Christmas!! Ho HO Ho"

This would also apply to Wal-mart, Target, The Mall, etc...

Outdoors with Big Mike: South Dakota Snow

Well, Outdoors with Big Mike has taken some weird turns lately. I went back to South Dakota to pheasant hunt again, and I think I have made my last trip to South Dakota in December. We left on Dec. 6th and like always, we drove instead of flying. When we were making the leg between St. Louis, Mo and Kansas City, Mo, we hit a snow Storm and I had some real bad driving conditions. In fact, we were in snow from there to Rapid City, SD where we met up with one of our friends from Cincinnati, Oh. We met him in a local gun shop, First Stop Guns, and enjoyed looking at all of the guns he had for sale. I had no intentions of buying a gun, however, when I was looking at his shop, I found a Winchester Mdl 12 in great condition with a solid rib barrel. I have not seen one of these for sale in my entire life in a gun store, and it was priced very low, so I bought it, and am glad that I did.

Well, the next day we drove back east to Presho, SD and got rooms at Hutch's there in Presho. Then we set out to go hunting pheasants. We drove out to the farm where we would be hunting,but there was only 3 of us, and the birds were very wild. In fact, they would not let you get within 200 yards of them before they flew. We did not kill a single bird the first day. That night, we went to Hutch's cafe, and had a real good steak dinner. There is not much in Presho, so dinning options were limited. One night there, a local church was having a soup dinner to raise money, and the next night, Hutch's was having a free Pita dinner to encourage the citizens to allow merchants to round purchases up to the next dollar to help support their town. Like most towns in the prairie the people are very friendly and honest. The motel even left keys out at night so that late arrivals could just check themselves in and the next day could come back and get straight with the front desk. When is the last time you have seen this kind of open trust? Crime does not seem to exist out there, but I am sure that there must be some.

The next day, the owner of 1st Stop Guns and one of his friends came out to Presho to hunt with us. That was a better day, and we actually killed some birds that day. We did not get out limit, but came close. That night, we drove about 10 miles east to a steak house and we were joined by the owner of the farm and his wife. We had a great time with these people and enjoyed getting to know them.

The third day of hunting was nothing to write home about. My shooting was very bad that day, and that just happens sometimes, but also the birds were very wild. I am used to seeing them early in the season, and then they are not so wild, but this time of the year, you really have to be quiet and sneak up on them. The entire trip was cold, very cold. At night the temp would dip to the shingle digits and would warm up to the mid twenties during the day. The snow never did leave.

The ride home was not fun either as we had icy roads all the way back to St. Louis. Other than the experience, this trip was a bust. I am so glad that I live in the South, and winter temps stay in the 70's.

Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained is what I always say.

Until the next adventure,


Ya'll know you think this is funny!

It actually had Erik laughing out loud! HA

Watch THIS!!

My Latest Ebay Email

Not to say that I haven't gotten a kazillion crazy ones. These people are driving me mad! ha but this one made me laugh . See below

Dear mrsgriza,

Hey ho i´m from germany. my question is, would u send to germany too?
peace and thx a lot

- zockerbalg

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Finally! A Battery Extender for the Iphone

Finally someone has cashed in on the low battery life of the iphone! Ya'll know I LOVE my iphone but when we are traveling or say at an all day music festival and not near a power outlet I get nervous about the battery dying. This little invention comes to the rescue from Mophie (weird name i know!).
The iPhone Juice Pack is only available for pre-order now so not sure how they will work but I will probably be trying it out!
Mophie Iphone Juice Pack $99

New Poll: Flossie

Julie & I were discussing the word "Flossie" yesterday and she didnt know what it meant. Neither did my mom who insist that the word makes her immediately think of dental floss. This all has me wondering, "Are Erik & I alone in our inventive dog child naming?" so do you guys know what the actual meaning of the word is or what it is slang for ? The poll is on the left! Courtney Hindman, I know you know and I know what song is in your head at this very moment!! ha

Monday, December 17, 2007

Party in Our Storage Unit!

While in Birmingham Friday, I paid a little visit to our storage unit. It only took me about 45 mins to drive 6 miles down 280 to get to it! rah.. but once I got there it was ALL worth it! I had the best time! For starters, there was no Erik there to complain and get irritated when I want to dig way in the back for something specific! I was on a mission for our Christmas decorations, which I found in THE VERY BACK under some mattresses. To my surprise, it was all packaged so nicely in red and green bins so it was easily recognizable! I also had a Christmas bin full of things I bought on clearance last year after Christmas which I was super excited about because I have no recollection of doing that! Now I am set for Santa gifts for Ralphie & Flossie for sure! I am so proud of myself for thinking ahead and being all prepared and organized! I found all of Ralphie's Christmas clothes and collars in there too and forgot about them so that was like going shopping! I still cant find my perfume or our CD's... but if you are looking at these pics then you can guess why. I survived the storage unit with only minor injuries one goose-egg, some bruises and a few scratches. Oh and also I would just like to say "climate controlled" storage units dont exist, I mean I would think the point of climate control is so that temperatures don't ruin the contents and I have found anything that could melt, did. RAHHHHHHHHHHHH

Christmas Card Status: 16th

OK - Here is what we have so far: Preds, Titans, Clean Earth, Edward Jones, TNS, Matt & Scott, Lind. Douglas, The Stuckey's , The Harris' , The Cochrans, The Taylors, The Warrens, Jennifer & Nicholas, The Bray's, Kari Ann Patterson, Heather & Eric Anderson, The Stovalls, Jeff Lawler,Granpa & Gloria, Chad & Cory, Sara, The Pulfrey's, & The Smiths. Total 25.
Now, Nonie, my card was NOT musical? why...... Marsha, Erik loves your card cause " that is a little joel, look how cute" and he is very cute! The best card yet though was from Candis Hacker! Very creative Candis and I know it probably took 47 hours to make! Candis' card was all about spreading CHEER and she showed 6 ways to use an Auburn Shaker!
We are loving our cards and set aside time each day to open them together and tape them to the pantry! I will have to wait on Erik to get home tonight before I can open any today!

GREAT Dog Tags..

Some of you have asked me before about where I get Ralphie & Flossie's dog tags and here you go! I ordered them some Christmas ones from Rossi's Pet Tags that are red and green, shaped like Christmas balls and have their name and info written in old English Script with Christmas Bells on them. By far and away the best place to buy dog tags because they are much cheaper than pet stores and you have many many options for colors, shapes, sizes & fonts. They usually arrive about 7 days from the day you place your order.
Rossi Pet

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Erik goes to Kansas City!!

Erik & Bro are currently on a road trip to Kansas City to see the Titans Play. They were gonna drive but I told Erik that as unacceptable due to snow and danger (and he agreed) so they got flights and I took them to the airport Sat. morning. I can tell they have been having the time of their lives because they have no women to entertain and they have sports to watch and get to eat out a lot and, if I know them at all , I can see them being very goofy and talking in strange voices and quoting lots of movies. If you know Erik, then you know exactly what I am talking about HA.
If I thought I could get away with it without Erik going nuts, I would quote for you some of the poetic text messages he has been sending me ha . Here is Erik holding up some huge ribs they had at dinner.

The Doggles Meet Santa!!

Saturday at PETCO was Pets meet Santa day! I took Ralphie & Flossie up there bright and early to get their fur did. They got the Christmas Special bath with gingerbread shampoo and teeth brushings and then I came back and we went to see Santa! It was pretty wild in their with so many dog childrens running around all dressed up! My doggles were the best dressed for sure though! We made it without incidence (pretty much anyway, Ralphie hiked his leg on a display and Flossie made a boyfriend and got her head humped) but thank goodness Courtney was with me to help get them under control! They were really glad to get home and slept so long last night after all the excitement!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Chillin With B...

This evening I am in Birmingham, AL to attend a Christmas Party given by Jessidesign. I arrived at her home before she is off work so I am inside checking on my website stuff and chillin with her cat Beatrix. I don't really know much about cats, because that was the one animal I was never allowed to have when I was little. I did find one once and tried to keep it secret in my playhouse .. but that got messy since I didn't know they require a litter box.
Anyway.... This cat is very pretty.. and apparently really likes me. I didn't think cats like people much. He is making a lot of noise, and I am not sure what that means? Maybe he/she is having some breathing difficulties or it could be that B is really enjoying my company? B also keeps bopping me with its nose... which i think means pet me? She seems to understand English and it hasn't scratched me (yet) so that's good!
Anyways, Jess has alot of neat rugs everywhere and that makes me think, soon we will need rugs too. We have a fabulous one that my aunt gave us from Pottery Barn (that I cant wait to retrieve from storage) but we will need many because the new house has hard woods in EVERY room up & downstairs. I know many of you are great bargain shoppers and have kids and pets so I want some suggestions on where to shop for new rugs! I am contemplating FLOR
because that will be easy to clean and change up with my revolving taste.
Anyway... leave me some comments and tell me what you guys think about that.
Tomorrow I will be visiting the storage unit. OH! How I miss my stuff. Erik says this is stupid but I can't help it. I'm just a girl who likes stuff and I miss all my stuff! I will be on a mission to recover our Christmas Decorations and our box of CD's since I lost all the music on my computer in the crash. I'll be sure to let ya'll know how it goes. ha

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Try this Cool Idea: Symbaloo

Ok, bare with me because some of you are gonna see this is computer related and skip this post, BUT just try it!
Its a site called Symbaloo and it is basically a way to bookmark your favorite websites and what is great about that is, no matter what computer you are on, or where you are, or how many crashes you endure, your bookmarks will be safe! Plus it looks cool
Here are the instructions I read on Techie Diva:
Once you visit the site for the first time, it shows you have 1 mail message. Click on it and it will welcome you to the service. Now all you need to do is register for it and set up your favorite links. The date and time are posted at the top and this might just replace my start page (currently iGoogle).

I love that you can move the icons in "real-time" and organize your screen quickly and easily, grouping your bookmarked or linked sites together how YOU want them. Try it out, it's absolutely fun. The registration was quick and easy and I was greeted with a neat welcome message (and followed up with an email verification) that said:

You have just created you own account: great! You can now use your personalized desktop from every computer in the world: at home, school the office or in an internet cafe.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Oh, But these are SO vintage!

Please meet my Ruby Colored crush velvet Chuck Taylor Converse All Stars! I bought these in 8th grade! Yes 8th Grade! I guess I have always just had great taste.. ha j/k but recently when I was in the Apple Store I noticed that all of the employees were converse shoes! I have been wanting some since this summer and all of a sudden I was blogging and remembered these and asked my momma to mail them to me, which she did!
I wore them immediately to the Preds Game last night and got SO many compliments! Even the guy at the door was like " Cool Cons" ha and I was like "what?" cause I didn't know there was a short name for them! All through out the night people noticed and remarked about them and all I can say is " Thanks! Their Vintage" ha...

My 1st Break as a Blogger!

I am very excited today because my Shopping Blog has been recognized! I got an email from the PR people at one of the companies I wrote about offering me some swag to say thanks for the promotion! Now THAT is why I blog! Hooray I am super excited! That also means that my blog is making into mainstream search engines and stuff. Another Hooray!
So thanks to all of you who are reading and commenting and sharing with your friends! Please keep it up! The numbers have been down lately for TheGrizasonline but the comments have been in abundance! :) Also Missouri! I see you're still hangin with us! Thanks!
Anytime you guys but something that I have blogged about be sure to write that in the comments section!

Julie is About to Graduate!!

Another overdue Hot Topic! Dearest Sister Juliapg is about to graduate from Nursing School! December 20th she will be done and there will be a breakfast where she gets pinned that day. So there is the answer so many of you have been asking (about when her graduation is etc). Lisa is gonna have a Nashville Celebratory Dinner for her in January and if you would like to attend this dinner you can email me your address!
Ok so next we need to bring to your attention that Julie has made a 4.0 her entire time in an ACCELERATED program at NYU. That is like hugely important and difficult. We are very proud of her ( and I am very proud at the great genes our potential kids will one day have... mega intelligence!)
Now for the most important part: she is gladly accepting any cash or gift of beauty products as graduation presents! You can mail them to her in NYC or to the Brentwood address.
She will be taking a 8 week internship in NYC following graduation!

So HOORAY & CONGRATS Juliel! We love you!

** Nurses in the Graham Family: Jennifer Graham, Steven Graham, Erik Graham, Julie Graham.
** Other Graham Medicals:
Louie Graham - Vet
Steve Graham - Dentist
Louis Graham - Pathologist

*** PS - I have been confused and told some of you incorrect information concering her graduation~ Sorry about that! This is the real deal here.

This Phone is Gonna be the Death of Me!!

Gah! I have been meaning to talk about this forEVER! Here is the sitch: this phone is the only working phone in the Brentwood Home. ..well semi working. I do not know how to unhook it either. It rings SUPER SUPER loud and I can't hear the other person, but they can here me. Also the only people who usually call this phone are telemarketers who ask amazingly personal questions and don't take no for an answer. We HATE answering this phone, and rarely do.. but when I answer it, I sound like the beastliest meanest woman alive! and i say " this phone doesn't work please call our cell phones" then I hang up. The reason for that is, when it rings it startles me, and the dog children go NUTS and are barking as loud as possible at the phone the whole time I am leaning awkwardly over that desk trying to speak into the mouth piece and have no idea who it is or if they can hear me and Erik is sitting comfortably in his leather chair in the background yelling for me to be quicker when answering and then for me to be "nicer" when answering.. so between him and the doggles and the possible telemarketer on the other end.. I sound super annoyed, because I am ! ha but please don't take it personally if you have been on the receiving end of that! and also please never call this phone again! Please always call our cells and if you don't have our numbers we will gladly provide them to you!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Card Report!

You guys better get on the ball! We dont have ANY Christmas cards hardly!
We do have"
The Pulfrey's!
The Warren's
The Smith's
The Predators
The Titans
The Cochrans
The Douglas'

All are VERY cute cards guys! They are hanging on the Pantry Doors! And our cards should have arrived to everyone today! Here is what they look like!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Lights

I LOVE outdoor Christmas Lights. I am just wondering what everyone else thinks about them.
Notice the new poll on the left!  I have always wanted to have an obnoxiously decorated yard at Christmastime. My mother, on the other hand DID NOT. I can only really think of one time in my life that she was angry with me. ( I am sure there were others.. but I didn't know ha) I got my dad to take her somewhere and then I got my neighbor to drive me to the drugstore and I bought tons of colored christmas lights and decorated the front of our house.  Then dad brought mom back home so she could see my masterpiece all aglow. I also told people that I planned to do this and they all drove by and honked their horns and such, which made the poorly received joke even worse! Do you remember that Momma? She was NOT happy!!  
So Keisha & I really love how serious these Tennessee folks take their Christmas Lights! They are everywhere and LOTS of them. They also buy those big blow up things with the snow blowing all inside of them!
Next year, our dream house will be the Beacon of East Nashville! ha

Cool Website of the Day: Sleep Machines

It is really rare that someone tells me about something on the internet that
a.) I have never seen before
b.) that I think is cool

BUT, ole Courtney has really impressed me with this site:
What it is , is a website that you can use for FREE 99 to make your own sleep sounds. If you have ever lived in an apartment with loud stompy neighbors then you can appreciate this!

Back when I lived at Westshore, a sleep machine saved me! I had 2 interesting dude neighbors who watched Star Wars every night on surround sound.. which my bedroom and their living room walls were the same so I felt like i was front row and center. I bought a sound machine to help me get through the night shortly before they were evicted for harboring an illegal weener dog. ha
Anyway, this site has 4 mixers so that you can say, mix the drum with a crackling fire noise, or waves with sea gulls etc. Go try it out! You will see I am right!

5 (EASY) Ways to Go Green

#1 - Install Low Flow fixtures. Ultra low -flow toilets use 1.6 gallons per flush, compared to the usual 6 gallons.

#2 - Put your computer to sleep. It is still using energy when the screen fades to black. Either turn off or put it into sleep mode !

#3 - Skip the Bottled water!!!!!!! The oil used to make the plastic water bottles is enough to fuel 100,000 cars per year!

#4 - Fill the Freezer! It will keep your food items cooler without using as much power.

#5 - Rely on cruise control (this one will be impossible for me!) People who use cruise control get up to 15% better gas mileage b/c acceleration us what uses the most gas.

Who owns the Road? by Granpa Graham

I read an item the other day that indicated our highways and bridges were getting old and were in need of maintenance and repairs.It seems that the repair and maintenance would be so expensive that the government that built the roads could not find the monies to fund these projects. The solution to the problem of repair and maintenance was to sell the roads, in some instances to foreign interests. This presumably would shift the responsibility for maintenance and repairs to the new owners.

No one is going to sink that much money into a project without the means of recovering their principal and making enough profit to justify the investment. How does one develop an income from operating a highway? The only thing that comes to mind is to charge for the use of the highway, i.e., a toll road with concession stands and gasoline. If the highway is sold or leased to a foreign owner, what kind of restrictions can be put in place to keep fees reasonable?

My question. If new owners can operate the highway in such a manner as to recover their cost and make a profit, why can't the United States government do the same thing? What is the line of reasoning that translates into selling the highway and loosing control of a vital infrastructure?

By the way. I understand that the trans Texas highway from Mexico to Kansas City is to be six lanes wide and plans are in progress. I understand that the Kansas City terminal, yet to be built, is to be Mexican territory and be a part of Mexico. I wonder if Mexico will allow us foreigners to enter that part of their country? And, who the hell gave it to them?

Just a few passsing thoughts.

Granpa Graham

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Anna Catherine is a TV Star

My Cousin Anna Catherine called yesterday, as I mentioned before, about her Elf on the Shelf, and she also called to let me know she was about to be on TV. She was pretty put out that not everyone gets that channel but my mom found her online for me and now all of you can watch her singing in the UMS "Show choir" singing Christmas Carols. Its pretty cool because they have some dance steps as well! Now she is the cute one opf coarse, over on the left side wearing a black sweater with pink turtle neck. YOu get a great shot of her about 5:32secs into the video. I reccomend fast fowarding through those news people talking b/c that is pretty painfull. I still trying to figure out how that chick got her job, since being a news broadcaster involes speaking clearly... anyway here is the video

Friday, December 7, 2007

The Big Announcement!

Wowsers! I had 9 comments on my teaser post about our announcement! Glad to know you guys are reading. I think I must start writing things like that more often! Ya'll know how hard it is for me to keep a secret... and this was killing me but I think it is safe to say out loud now so....
We are buying a house ! While this may not sound like such big news to some, I can assure you it was a very big, emotional decision for us to make and it wasn't easy. For those who don't know, Erik, the dog children and I have been living in his parents home in Brentwood for the past year. A lot of people have questioned that decision implying it wasn't healthy etc and I can see why you would think that, but the truth is, this house is very meaningful and special and comforting. I have always loved coming here because, well I guess everyone like tradition or consistency, and each time we could come visit his parents, we spent a lot of time here making fond memories. We always slept with the windows open, his dad would burn incense, we would eat mac n cheese that Mrs Norma made and relax on the couch all weekend. His mom and I would lay on the couch and read gossip magazines or I would scrapbook and she and Dr. G would both watch me do that with fascination! They would save empty water bottles for Ralphie to play with and he would be scrompling around with that noisy water bottle the whole time. Football would dominate the TV. I absolutely loved coming here. I have never been so emotionally attached to something, like I feel for this house ... except maybe my computer which was a gift from Erik. But, living here this past year, we have sort of been in a suspended reality.. and although I don't think we can ever really go back to "normal" it is time for us to try and create our own traditions and loving household. Get our stuff out of storage, and try to be "us" again.. if we can remember how.
Making the initial decision was pretty tough, but once we followed through we started getting really excited! We found a perfect cozy little cottage house in East Nashville. I am pretty sure it is my dream house. It was originally built in 1927 and restored in 2005. I will be talking about this house a lot in upcoming posts, b/c as with any home purchase, there has DEF been some drama!
So.. please meet the new home for my snuggle Family:

and to really assure me that this was the house for us, I looked across the street and see that my inner Keisha is living there. It is a bright purple house with lime green trim and turquoise porch furniture.

Where's George?

This post is LONG over due.... but some of you know about my snuggle bubs obsessive hobby! He likes to log the serial numbers of all his money online at It goes like this:
He logs in the serial number to his account
He stamps the bill with a stamp that says " Track me online at"
He spends the bill
Then he waits to receive an email from the WG website showing that someone, somewhere has logged on and entered his bill. Then the website tells you how long it has been and how far it has traveled.

Interesting, Thrilling process I know.. but he LOVES this, and what he loves even more is when he gets a bill that has already been stamped by someone else! He inspects all money for this. My mother recently got a stamped bill and she didn't know what that was about and didnt want to log on to the website thinking it was some sort of hoax or computer virus. So I figured I better let you guys know what its all about so that when you get a stamped bill, you can send it directly to Erik! Caro found him one today and has already put it in the mail. My mom found him another one and sent it last week!
SO today, Erik had me go into the bank and get out $100 cash.. all in ones. Do you know what the bank people think when you make such a request?... I am sure you do, but they assume you are getting $1 bills so that you can tip the friendly women in little or no clothing... which embarrasses the HECK out of Erik so he makes me go in and get them. Today the Bank Manager laughed when I was walking out and said " Make sure not to spend it all in one place" HA ... see mom they DO think that!
Anyway he will spend his night off logging in and stamping bills I guarantee! ha

What a GREAT invention!!

I mean what took so long? I love all the silicone covers for my gadgets but covers for keyless entry remotes are genius! Erik has broken the key ring slot on both of his remotes from just normal use and hasn't been able to use them in at least a year. The replacement for them is over $100! so.. along comes these rubber covers for $7 and you can not only protect but also begin using your broken remotes again! Hooray! I believe they make them for every make and model. You can shop online for them at

Elf On the Shelf!

Have you guys heard about this new craze? My cousin Anna Catherine called me all in tizzy today telling me about this elf! Later her mother called and explained it all to me. The jist is some brilliant woman came up with an idea to create a small elf and a story line and she sells them online. All the kids at school have these "elfs on a shelf" and they watch over the kids to make sure they behave and he reports directly to santa! At night the elves play pranks on the kids by moving stuff around and all of that. In order to lure the elf to come to your house, you must set out crackers and a glass of salt water with a straw! Next thing you know (and $45 later) you have an Elf on a Shelf! the kids are going nuts over this! I really do think its a great fun thing to do with your kids during the holidays not to mention that added leverage you have to make them behave!
" You better be nice because the elf is watching! "
You can order them here, or you can just make your own elf and story up. Be advised that the kids talk about this in school so make sure your elf story matches their elf story! ha

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Fundraisers Galore

I saw these in my Ebay Newsletter today and I think they are so cute! Even cooler that they benefit a charity here in Nashville! Vandy Children's Hospital had celebrities decorate these wooden paper dolls and auction them off on ebay! Go Look at them. Even Jimmy Buffett made one! Super cool.
There is another charity will I will be pushin this month since its Christmas! I am waiting on the write up from Marshall Colquett, however he usually goes under ground during Hunting Season so I may not hear from him till next summer... we shall see.

I dont know how my Momma dealt with me....

Tonight, while preparing Erik's dinner to take to work, I had a flash back of 1945.. HA just kiddin.. it was 1995 and me telling my mother that " I don't eat leftovers.. " I would never eat them, and that was because once they hit the refrigerator, the consistency changes and when you take them out all cold the fat or butter etc like... becomes a solid. DISGUSTING!
Well, now, in my wise old age, I am EXCITED to see left overs because that means instant food - no work. Erik, on the other hand, refused his dinner tonight "because it looks funny" and I am all " No , IT DOESNT , its just cold." and he says "No Thank you" and I am all "Look! I will heat it up and you will see!" and he is all " No thank you, i will just eat at work..." and i am "OH NO snuggle husband.. here you go! " ha and he took it once it "looked normal" and then , just like that I remembered how many times I would say that to my mom. (sorry Mom) .. I also remember eating not much meat and NO chicken! ha
Oh, and I should also mention that this dinner conversation came after Snuggle Erik made this disastrous comment " You look so cute right now. You always look the cutest when I don't have my glasses on". I am serious! He said that OUTLOUD. This would rank #2 only beneath this other clever thing Erik said to me when we were dating , instead of saying " I love you" he said " I like you more than COKE" and he really did think he was being so sweet when he said that. I am pretty sure that I called Emily crying... Do you remember that E? ha...
moving on.. my BEAUTIFUL Christmas cards arrived. It's pretty much the only Christmas-y thing i have spent any money on so I splurged! They will be in the mail tomorrow if my hand doesn't fall off addressing them.. Just so you all know, Erik keeps count of who all sends cards every year and if you want to continue to remain in his good graces.. you better not forget him! Just kiddin! But score one for the Warren's because we got their card today! Nonie DO NOT forget my musical card this year. I am the FIRST BORN, remember!?

I have some big news to announce soon. NO, it does not involve my stomach growing large and round. But if you wanna know the news then you better check back in!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Pretty Sure I need some of These!

Momma, Do you remember those CONVERSE shoes I had in high school? The Velvet ones and the plaid ones? Well Where are they?
Anyway, now at you can DESIGN your OWN which is totally Rad. I love the lace-less slip ons that they have. What I love even more is that you can design them to be whatever you want!
AND you can have them embroidered as well all for like $60.. that is pretty cheap in design your own show world. I helped Stevie look for some when school started and all the shoes he designed were like $80 or more!


Some Cool Websites!

Thanks to Guru Martin: Here is a website to help make your home more eco-Friendly. (get started momma cary) CLICK HERE

and my dad, whom I have to give big kudos to this week, because I called him from the car and he logged into my work accounts and was slinging out invoices and listing new items like a pro! I was very impressed at how smooth that went daddy. Thanks! So Big Mike said he found a cool site for people or small business like myself that is ready made templates. CLICK HERE for free business card, resume, etc
Now what is really funny is in the comments section underneath the templates is some crazy foreign chick scrambling up her English asking this guy to marry her so she can live in the USA. ha go read it. " I wish to be in relationship with you and we may discover ourselves as life partners.."

I'm So Serious!!

Oh for the Love! Please do not say to me, or email me the word "xmas" That is NOT a word, or a holiday and if you are too lazy to write it out then shame on you! UGH I am so over all these people trying to change "Christmas" to "Holiday" ..."Holiday Tree" are you KIDDING me? That is like THE dumbest thing I have ever heard! Christmas is not about anything Holiday, it is about JESUS CHRIST duh.. thus the CHRISTmas. Kwanza, Hanakuh, Christmas.. those are real things... but xmas is NOT.
Thank you!
and just since I am talking about Christmas Trees I must say that our tree is pretty sad. For Starters its FAKE (yikes) and has no ornaments! Double yikes. Our ornaments are all in storage so I guess I need to make a trip to Birmingham...

Spence just sent me some background info so here you go:
Wanted to give you some thoughts on Xmas…origin started hundreds of years ago with monks using it for Christ's name. . The letter X in Greek is Chi which is the first letter for Christos which means Messiah.

So it was actually done out of respect.

Now most people don’t know that since Christmas is so commercialized and the importance has gone away, so I agree with you in that it needs to stop. But at least it wasn’t started in some type of blasphemous way.

Thanks Spence! I had no idea about all of that. I still find it incredibly annoying though!

Monday, December 3, 2007

JessiDesign Studios Photoshoot!

I hope you guys are ready for the BEST Christmas cards EVER! I am really excited about our cards this year because we have professional pics from JessiDesign Studios! She did an awesome job and we got LOTS of great pictures of ourselves and the dog children. I love how she caught some classic Graham moments like Erik wearing his preds jersey, or Erik slinging his hair around, or Erik aggravating Ralphie by sticking him up in a tree limb... or me laughing at all of the above! Pictures, last a life time, and I am that person that could spend countless amounts of money on pictures , scrap booking etc. And you can bet your bottom dollar that I am having a portrait painted of the doggles from these pictures! These pics help ease the pain of the fact that I have no t made us a scrapbook for 2006, or 2007! YIKES
So here is a sneak peak of the pictures.

You can book your own appointment with JessiDesign Studios by visiting her webpage

New Poll! Cell Phones

Ya'll get busy voting in the new poll in the left margin. You can select more than one answer in case you want to vote for other members of your household.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Happy Birthday RALPHIE!!

Today My precious firstborn, Ralphie Lauren Graham, Turns 2!! He is celebrating by snoozing on the back of the chair. ha

Waverly Blue Grass Festival

Yesterday was good times in the AU. We started the day going to Waverly to see Wales debut her artwork and it was like the whole town of waverly was there and contributing in some way. I had no idea so many artists live out there. We had some great soul food while listening to bluegrass.
Then we came back to Auburn to the SSW Christmas Party. I really enjoyed seeing everyone and catching up. I heard LOTS of interesting stories ha. Coralie Ann & Elizabeth Woodall-Shannon came to the party and we all went out afterward. There was some sort of Christmas theme party going on and we saw lots of neat outfits. One is pictured below...

John no one was feeling supper club! Did you miss us? I think you should come to Nashville to do your christmas shopping and I will help you pick everything out and then we can all go to dinner!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Get Pauley With It, Get Pauley with it. ...

So we are in Auburn this weekend to attend the SSW Christmas Party ( This is my old office for those of you that don't know.) They are super sweet to continue inviting us to their events. I told you guys they are like family! I cant wait to see everyone. Erik is looking forward to a night filled with " Are you ready to dance now snugs?" ..."What about now?" ... ha
We are spending the night with the Pauleys. Good times over here! We started out tonight with decorating their Christmas tree! I was especially excited about this as we do not have a real tree, or ornaments YIKES. Caroline is like, Southern from way back and her tree seriously looks perfect! During the festivities Joe & Samantha came over and brought Cujo & Dexter their dog children. So at this point we have 2 chocolate labs, 2 yorkies, and 2 shitzu doggles! It was wild times. Flossie was a big hit, I am guessing that is because she is kind of in heat again. They chased and ran and sniffed for hours while we laughed at them.
Then we had a fresh fruit session where the Pauleys demonstrated all their neat wedding gifts in the kitchen. Especially notable was the " Pineapple Corer" We cored and sliced a fresh pineapple and ate it in about 2.5 seconds. ha
After the kitchen demo, KP sang to us ABBA, Waylen Jennings, & Willie Nelson. Lucky for you all I taped some of this and will be posting later.
Tomorrow night is the Christmas Party and I shall post about that separately..

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