Friday, November 2, 2007

Why Momma Should Never Go ANYWHERE!!

Well, I am in Birmingham, having a fabulous dinner at J. Alexander's with Matt & Scott when I get this text message (with pic) from Steven:

"Ralphie is scratching at his empty food bowl. Why is he doing this and what does it mean?"

WHAT? I specifically called Erik at 5pm (which is doggle dinner time) to remind him to FEED my CHILDREN. It is now 11pm and neither Erik nor Steven have fed the doggles b/c "they cant find the dogfood" so I have directed them to the pantry (you know that place where food is kept) and to the large white bin that is labeled "DOGFOOD" and now 6 hours late my precious over emotional Ralphie is fed.....
Now see Momma, I TOLD You Erik would forget to feed them!!


grizaham said...

haha. That is funny stuff!!

LG said...


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