Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What's with Today, Today?

Well today, is all about my sickly little computer and me desperately trying to repair some things. I have a feeling I may not get anything else done today though. Rah. I went to the Apple store yesterday and secured the new Leopard operating system, however when I went to install it, that brought on a world of problems, since the insides of my computer are all smashed to H and back. I was on hold with Apple for 28mins and 15 secs and during all that hold time I think I figured out how to resolve this on my own. My computer is currently repairing itself, so as I wait, I am on Erik's computer which is just begging for some attention. I forgot how nice and pristine a new computer is! ahhhh
Later today, I am gonna go to this computer store, where a guy who works there, also works on Apples on the side, and I am gonna try and sweet talk him into repairing the hinge on my computer screen. I'll let you know how that works out. hmmm
So sorry for the lack of posts and what not... I am stuck in computer land indefinately.
Also Juliel is coming home today so I must bath and fluff up my pups for her. Flossie is gonna be pretty mad about this, Ralphie however should be excited since he cant get enough of the bath tub latey. He actually JUMPED IN the other night when i was making a bubble bath FOR ME. Little jerk.. I love him and all but that is kind of gross.


grizaham said...

So did you ask that guy to fix the hinge?? what did he say!

Super Scory said...

I hear you on dogs interupting on bath time...Miya comes in and will try to DRINK out of the bathtub with me in it! Ick! Why would a big fuzzy hot dog want to drink warm water????

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