Friday, November 2, 2007

Weekend Agenda...

Well, I am about to take off for Birmingham. I am gonna go have Lyrical Night with Matt & Scott. Maybe go to a neat art exhibit, and maybe get my hair did. Then Saturday I am going to the AU to Linzy's American Wedding ceremony and hopefully see my old Boss from SSW Bobby and his wife Carol ! I cant wait to see everybody!! Erik will be here, with the dogs, which I think is a RIOT. I cant wait for them all to see what it's like without Momma here taking care of everyone. ha Andrea, Wade, & Lola are coming back for another visit and Titans game which is great b/c Now Erik wont be lonely!
Hopefully I will post some pics and what not while I am away. Not looking forward to that drive though... ugh

Adios Amigos!


MrsWilliams said...

Woot! You get to see me and my big self too! Ha! Can't wait to see you!!

LG said...

Oh yeah! I can meet baby grant! Hooray!

grizaham said...

miss u babe! The dogs r loving me! Go titans!

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