Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We got a present in the mail! Thanks JAY!

Wells, Today we got a package in the mail! It was from Jay! I opened it up and it was 2 beautiful bottles of Monavie with a matching glass. It got me to thinking, when you get a present that is so good for you, you know you are loved! Not sure if you guys know about Monavie, I do believe it was covered on Oprah, but I will highlight it for you here.
Next to recycling, Food is something i could go on and on about. For instance, Did you know that our generation is actually has a shorter life expectancy than the previous one? That is the FIRST time this has ever happened. Why do you think that is? Well its a lot of reasons like poor diet & obesity. Pretty Pathetic. No one eats as many fruits and vegetables as they need to, and even when you do they are not near as healthy as they once were thanks to pesticides, and poor soil and other environmental conditions. SO, how does one achieve all the antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients they need without eating 400 legumes and fruits a day? well, these chaps over at Monavie went to the Rain Forrest where everything is all still organic, and they discovered these berries (accai) that are sort of like smurfberries in their magicness. They mix all this great stuff up and you just drink a shot of it twice a day and BAM you have everything you need! Its pretty great and easy to do as well. I cant remember the exact cost.. say $30 or $40 a month and you think to yourself WOWSERS that's high, but then you go to Fresh Market and you check out all that organic produce and you do the math and you realize you are easily saving yourself $100 a month. I could go on and on... (as you can tell I am sure) but I will spare you and just give you a website if you wanna read up on it or try it out.
So, Thank You Jay for loving us enough to prolong our life and great health! That was a very cute holiday package! It even came gift wrapped and the whole shabang.


grizaham said...

Yeah i love that stuff! Cant wait to have some!

Jay Wright said...

Thanks Laura and Erik. You are very welcome!!

jessidesign said...

i'll be right over!

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