Monday, November 12, 2007

We are back!

We are back from the AU/GA game! We had a great time and Julie's friends really put together a great tailgate. It was not as sad, as I was scared that it would be. We had an unfortunate incident with our hotel room, they put us in a smoking room, and tried to say that was what we "requested" BULLHONKY. Julie is allergic and non of us could breathe in there. Nothing we said really made a difference so we had to go to Wal-greens and purchase some Fabreeze, and scented candles and leave the window open all night. Still didn't help. Upon checking the confirmation email at dinner that night, a friend pointed out some small print that says "you wont be guaranteed your preference over the smoking non smoking room" ... and there you have it. Anna Cate & Matt let us have their room the next night, which was like 10 steps up! Nicer linens, furniture, clean walls, and fresh air WOAH. Long live the Microtel.
I have some interesting videos from the tailgate posted below. We took hardly any pictures.
Whoever decided that my purse was a good place to stash some food when cleaning up the tailgate SHAME on you. I know its big, but GAH it holds my stuff, NOT food. and... I ate so many of those blowpops that you put in there I can barely feel my tongue!
I hope to get caught up on the blog today, however I must get caught up on first. I may have to post some of the interesting emails i have been receiving from these people. ha
I also , am about to ride off and rescue my dogchilds! I cant wait to see their furry bad selfs! We had to spend the night in this house without them last night and that is so hard! It's really quiet with out all the little feet prancing or random growling spells. Its also COLD! They are like my portable heaters. Momma froze last night!

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grizaham said...

Yeah good times over in Athens, Ga this weekend! Really enjoy going to that town! Its like the uniqueness of Manhatten / Chicago wrapped up into 5 square blocks of bars / shops / restaurants.
The fans / people took a huge step back though being extremely rude to me just cause of my AU shirt. Dang!

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