Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thursday's List of Doggle Shennanigans...

1. Flossie chewed the special absorbent bathmat in the bathroom
2. Flossie chewed up and distributed bite size pieces of a cardboard box all over the bedroom.
3. Ralphie found and ate a sour apple sucker covered in Caramel. (now i finally know why he has been smacking his mouth a lot today! That caramel was all stuck in his teeth ha)
4. They both have chased each other up and down the hallway approx. 400 times today. They only ran smack into the bar or couch like 3 times though.
5. Escapes for the day - ZERO... that is worth noting.. ha
6.Ralphie snuck over to me and stole my sandwich wrapper. ( He is very smart and he knows when I am on the computer I am distracted and that is when he should misbehave. He slowly approaches the human food (so as not to draw attention to himself). Then sloooowly takes it from the plate, table etc.. then sloooowwly walks away UNTIL he gets just out of arms reach then he takes off like a wild banshee. Its rather brilliant so today when he did this I just laughed and let him have the dang wrapper.
7. I found a soup can under the bed so that means someone was in the recycling bin again.
8. Barking their heads off approx 3-6 hours total since 7am.


Atlanta Kinleys said...

too much halloween candy!

Marty said...

One word... "ROTTEN!"

LG said...

beyond rotten... and I know its my fault HA

Cary said...

Sounds like two children I just happen to know!!!!

grizaham said...

those dogs r great! They snuggling me up right now while my laura is away!!

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