Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stats N Stuff...

Ok, We 've already covered the new look of the blog. So let's direct your attention to the poll in the left for this week. VOTE. I am gonna get on my soap box a little for the next few weeks and talk about recycling & going green. Please try not to rub in my face that I am driving an SUV. :)
I will throw out some reader numbers just for fun. Some people have mentioned that they think I can see if they are reading or not, so let me say no I cant see individual readers, just how many in each city etc. Please don't feel like I am gonna disown you for not reading every day. People get busy & I get that. I just naturally am a blog pusher. Now dad, please don't think the previous sentences apply to you. Because you made me, you are required to love and support everything I do. So you actually must read every day, at least once and comment. HA (dad was a hard sell on the blog)
Next, I see Missouri is still with us, almost daily! Hello Missouri.

For the past 30 days we have had : 1,594 Visits. 18% of which are NEW visitors. !!
Top 3 States:
Alabama is still in the lead with 739 Visits
Tennessee is next with 359
& Florida is 3rd with 156

Leah, Mississippi is strugglin.... I mean 5 kids can't keep you that busy right? j/k
Sachin I see you in CA! Hooray! Tell Mandeep to get on here!Leslo I see you holdin it down in Troy for me! Thanks!
The west is like VACANT... someone advertise for me up there!
November 6th was the busiest day with 88 unique visitors.
38% of Traffic is referred from other sites! Thanks for the links on your blogs Nikki, Marsha & Mere.

Also, Don't forget there are things at the bottom too like a Christmas Countdown and a scrolling gallery of my ebay auctions :)


Super Scory said...

I need to figure out how you check these stats! I can show you how to force people to read by signing them up to get it through feedblitz....we could take over the blogging world!!! (insert evil laugh) :)

LG said...

LOL Lets do it Scory! I will be glad to show you how. Kevin showed me... its obcessive

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