Monday, November 12, 2007

Ralphie's New Trick

Well, Maybe it's less of a trick and more of an strangeness. Lately, Ralphie has a fondness for hanging out in the bathtub. I don't know why. I guess he sees me get in there so he thinks he should too? He doesn't do anything once he gets in there but just sit.
He is sort of territorial and likes having his own "room". That, in this house, has been the front room, which is now barricaded from doggles b/c sister doggle can't control her bladder and that room has white carpet. Ralphie is very annoyed by this and will sit at the barricade and bark for hours for me to let him in his room. Maybe the tub, is his new room.

After the vote, I realize that 7 of you out there reading don't like my doggle stories.. and you 7 are henceforth barred from this blog! HA just kiddin you will just have to skip this post though..


grizaham said...

He is the cutest dog ever! He goes there because he misses me!!

Shannon said...

that is so sad and so cute.. maybe he likes the coldness of the tub?

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