Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The People's Playlist

As you all know, that drive from Auburn to Nashville was pretty long, and I heard a lot of songs on my ipod and every time I would hear a song, I would think of someone for whatever reason.. which has inspired me to make a People's Playlist with songs that remind me of someone I know. You will probably see your name on the list and you may wonder why in the world I associate with you whatever song... ha and I will be glad to tell you I was just too lazy to add that to the spreadsheet.
Click here to see Laura's People's Playlist
Some people I could not include because I have way too many songs for them :)


grizaham said...

Interesting post my love!

Lizzy said...

cool idea!

auhays said...

That's awesome! Dixie Chicken reminds me of John Brandt every time I hear it because he is a Little Feat superfan! BTW, "Sleep All Day" doesn't sound like a motivating song...haha

LG said...

ha well it may not be motivating hazer but you know i dragged you all over the place to see Mraz so really any of his songs make me think of you and Linzy!!

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