Wednesday, November 14, 2007

One of Those People...

Yes, today I am one of Those people. I have changed the blog to have a Christmas-y theme before Dec. 1. How dare I do that before Thanksgiving I know... BUT I wanted to and so I did. HA
Everyone else has started so I figure I may as well get on the wagon.

I made my weekly visit to Target again today, but it was RUINED by some screaming bratty child who I could hear all over that store. UGH It did not stop me from admiring the Silver Christmas Trees though! Every time I see those silver trees, I have a short inner dialogue that goes something like this:

Inner Kiesha Self : "I would really really like to have a Silver Christmas Tree. They are so pretty... and I think my Nanny had one like that once..."
Normal Self: "But that is kind of tacky and totally un-necessary..."
Inner Kiesha : "So... still pretty and every year I still like them..."
Normal Self : "But WHERE would you put said tacky silver tree..."
Inner Keisha : "Good Question?"

and thus practicality wins again and I leave without a silver Christmas tree. and then I go to Kroger. I know all my women ( Nonnie, Momma, Celie) are rejoicing at this as they know I have not gone since Oct. 20th and that is considered mistreatment of the husband under my family constitution. Even worse, I was that girl in the grocery store today as well. Thanks to my momma, (and Oprah/Dr. Oz) I was in there for a dang hour at least studying all the labels on my food items for saturated fats, preservatives & fiber. I have never wanted to know about food labels and fat content, and I did not enjoy that momma!!! After that painful hour in the cold store, I look in my buggy expecting it to be full, but all that label analyzing slows you down and thins out the cart as I only had like 20 things.. drat. Whatever will we eat ha ... poor snuggle Erik. And everyone is always asking why we are so thin.... lol
I did score some peace though when I remembered to buy some rawhide chews for the doggles. They have been at it ever since I got home... completely behaving... perhaps I should take a picture to prove to people that this does actually happen sometimes!
well, I am outta words and if this gets any longer none of the dudes will read this. HA


Courtney said...

girl! we broke out the christmas music in our classroom last week! everyone always makes fun of me bc i start celebrating early but i dont care. its my FAVORITE holiday!! so welcome to the club!


LG said...

LOL Thanks CoCo!

Marty said...

save your money for something else Laura, unless you have a coupon, of course ;)

Lindsey said...

we are putting up the tree on sunday...though dear hubby doesn't know it yet!!! and we are already watching charlie brown Christmas!!! MM loves it!

so....go buy that silver tree already. indulge your inner self. sometimes tacky can be good. you could always have a tacky Christmas party (have you heard of these? they are great!) and the silver tree would be a fabulous decoration!!!

LG said...

I swear Martin... I ALMOST wrote "NO I DONT HAVE A COUPON FOR THE TREE MARTY" in that post HA

Shannon said...

you could always buy a small one and put it on a table- console table or kitchen table? just an idea... it's not super tacky

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