Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Newsworthy Announcements

Sorry for the lack of posts. I am up to my neck in ebay at the moment so it will probably be this way for a while until I get caught up.

So, things worth knowing:

The NEW Sidekick from T-mobile Launched today!!
Nordstrom is having rad sale right now ! It's called the "Half-Yearly" Sale so its current things that are marked down like 33% or more.
And today Lillian Vernon announced that you can Build Your Own Stocking on their webpage. Neat concept, although not as cool as they made it out to be. But for less than $20 can't expect much.

Well, back to work for me this morning. Click the links above to read more on each piece.


MrsWilliams said...

I told you, that's gonna be a cool phone! I want a SLIDE!!! :)

LG said...

Ha! well we must investigate if they have fixed some of th ebugs first, like can you send and recieve photo TEXTS? etc

grizaham said...

Babe! The iPhone can't get picture texts or send mass texts! Although it can surf the net! Best phone ever.

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