Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New things

So today, Maybe i will just blog all day b/c I basically cant do anything else. Still really broken over in computer land. I am on hold again though. And since I already know the mood for the day I decided to tackle all of my unpleasant jobs such as calling BOA to dispute a charge, calling skymall to ask them WHY its taking a MONTH for them to send that return label , etc etc
I can however browse online as I sit on hold, and with that I will show you some wonderfully cool organizing books! Julie Bray I think you will love all of these items ! HA
The website for today gang is See Jane Work.
Very Cool site indeed. I LOVE books that you can organize things in. In fact I collect them. I have a Home inventory book, where you keep paint colors, receipts, & pictures of furniture so that incase of Fire etc you have this for insurance purposes. I have a Concert Ticket book, that was specifically designed for organizing all of your tickets to concerts or other events. Great Book! I have a Christmas List Book, which I have had since '04. It has 4 sections: Holiday Calendar, Christmas Card List, Shopping & Budget, & Gifts Received/thank you's sent. It is awesome to look back over the past few years and remember what all I gave or who I sent cards to etc. There are checkboxes & all that jazz. Its just a great way to keep your holidays organized.
Below are some fun books to keep your life organized.

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Julie Bray said...

I know this website See Jane Work very well and you're right, I love it! I ordered some of the memo mouse pads recently. Do you need a new ticket stub book??? I hope so.....

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