Tuesday, November 6, 2007

New Poll on the Left

I think the psych major in me wants to have a new poll each week! So this week the poll is asking do you love stories about my dog children or do you find them ridiculous. My dad loves dogs, as does my brother, but for some reason they can not recognize the specialness of MY dogs... and they act like I am a crazy woman when it comes to the doggles, which begs the question: Is that the general consensus? Ha Even if it is, I will continue to be this way, but it is still worth knowing!
Vote on the left.

Results from the last poll were 100% in favor of the way I currently post (frequently) so it's great to know that you guys don't get annoyed by frequent emails! ha
October's highest numbers were on the 11th I had 205 views and that same day I had 82 unique visitors. Those are good numbers! Let's see if November can beat them!


Super Scory said...

I say MORE comments on the doggles!!!

grizaham said...

Great blog!

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