Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nashville... Not so big!

So tonight was preds night. It was a pretty exciting night because Erik was off work and we got to go to the game together and bring friends (sean-e-bug & CoCo) and we started off at the Jack Daniels Club where I indulged in a very fabulous buffet. Erik held out for the pizza! ha Anyway we get to our seats and some dudes are sitting in them, and I look at the guy and immediately recognize him as a regular employee at the Apple store! YIPPEE! Finally I have someone to gruel about the ins and outs of working for apple. Kev, I asked if they make commission and he said NO! Drat.He said he was on "salary" whatever that means? and then to make the night more fun, he dates a "goalie girl" which for those who are not hockey fans - a goalie girl is a hot chick who skates around in spandex with sequins and scoops up ice in the intermission. Goalie girls can also give out pucks and free t-shirts! Now Erik & I are both excited about the new friend we made tonight! (apple + pucks = FUN!)
My fabulous 3 year old wasn't there tonight, so my legs got cold and I got bored! His granpa was there though and with a GIRLFRIEND/fiance. Now Granpa I know you read this so I need the scoop like ... yesterday! Granpa (not old enough to be my grandpa but KK's Granpa) is a retired cop from Detroit.. (fascinating man) me ASAP with the story
So tonight during the game, its like regular practice in Hockey World to say " Ref you Suck" and these 10 yr old kids behind me were screaming this, and I turned around, like Where are your parents? I am a grown up and don't say that! and then I remember this dark time in college when I got suckered into an interview for the Auburn University Newspaper, who apparently quoted me word for word and I answered some question with "that sucks" or something to that effect. My mother almost had a conniption fit. At the time, I didn't understand because that isn't a curse word, so I couldn't figure out why she was embarrassed. But tonight, hearing those children scream that, I remembered that newspaper and suddenly understood why my mother was horrified, so sorry mom that I said that in 1997 and embarrassed you. I get it now. (and you are probably wincing that I brought that up again..)
Anyway, then we came home and got the doggles out and I thought we were getting ready to settle down but Erik insists I come outside and "see something"... So wrapped from head to toe in blankets he escorts me outside and then locks the door! I knew immediately that he was kidnapping me to go to the Waffle House! So, we went to Waffle House.
The End.


Shannon said...

Laura you are turning into such a mom- so proud

Marty said...

The ole, "waffle house" gimmick works every time. Erik has mastered it quite well, SUCKER!!! ha

grizaham said...

Man it was so tasty!

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