Friday, November 30, 2007

Just Another Day In the Life

Erik & I were trying to crawl under the bed to retrieve garbage that Ralphie snatched and took off with. When we shined a light under there we found a doggie wonderland of random scraps and tidbits. You can see from the pic they were having the time of their life!


grizaham said...

Those dogs! Destroyers and annoyers but very cute!

Marty said...

That's no different that when Erik and I were roommates in college! Except, back then he didnt have a dog! I would venture to say Erik did this and planted the dogs under the bed to make it look like they were the culprits. I've got my eye on you erik... you messy fool! ha

LG said...

Ha oh no Erik!!

Linzy said...

OMG!! Disgusting! But very cute!

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