Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Husband for Hire

I know alot of you gals out there are always thinking you need your man to help out around the house, and so just for you I would like to offer my husbands helping hand. He is off tonight and has been "helping" me with things today. Just now, I was doing laundry and he was there to knock my elbow while i was pouring the soap, and then lob dirty laundry at my head. As I type he is there to knock my wrists off the key board or type a few extra lines haifup;vmnw;l
He is just so "helpful" I thought I would share. If ya'll need him to annoy, I mean help you out, let me know!!


Atlanta Kinleys said...

he's bored...GIVE it to him!

Courtney said...

what? erik bother you while you try to be productive? no way! haha!

grizaham said...

I am very helpful and do sometimes get bored! haha

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