Monday, November 12, 2007

Hallelujah ! I'm Cured!!

I have waited a whole week to talk about this, just to make sure I was really cured! Matt, my hairdresser/friend is a genius. I have had the hives for so long I cant remember, but I get them especially bad in my head, its like physical lumps that itch like the dickens. Besides the obvious discomfort is the embarrassment. Say I am somewhere sitting still for a while, like oh one of the millions of games my husband has me attend. The people behind me probably think I have head lice because I am scratching my head NON stop!
Well, Matt the genius said perhaps the PH balance of my scalp is off, thus bringing on the irritation. He sent me away with this "intelligent shampoo" meant to restore balance, and it was like a miracle. I have not itched once over the past week. Not once... This is pretty awesome I would say.
So here is my personal endorsement!! PHYTO Intelligent Shampoo. ! It rocks. (it is also a link if you wish to purchase)


grizaham said...

I am very happy for this cure! Thanks Matt!

Marty said...

did you have a coupon for that??

LG said...

No coupon dagnabit! I am starting to get the feeling that I will never hear the end of this coupon thing HA

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