Sunday, November 18, 2007

Granpa's Corner: Responsibility

You asked about the candidates running for office. Laura the only thing I can say is that we will need to vote so that one party does not have a big majority in the "government" of the people, by the people and for the people and run by business. I do not trust any of the candidates to say what they mean or mean what they say.

A short time back the local news paper carried a half page picture of a well dressed, young girl who appeared to be in a state of good nutrition. Beneath the picture was the short story that this young girl was the fourth generation of that family that had gotten their meals at this outfit that provided free meals to the needy.

There was a case of a person pulling himself out from beneath a mountain of bills by means of a bankrupsy proceeding in 2002. One of the debts the judge canceled, or "discharged", was $9,000 plus owed to a credit-card company. However, the credit-card company continued to report the "discharged" debt to credit bureaus as a live balance. In 2003 this person tried to close on a $274,650 mortgage for a new house. The lender said he would either have to pay the credit-card company or show proof from the credit-card company that the debt had been discharged. The credit-card company never revised the credit report. To obtain the home loan this person gave in and paid the credit-card the debt, which the court said he no longer legally owed.

Example 1. Should this family be provided with free meals?How long should this family receive free meals? The federal government provides relief for families that are classified as being at the poverty level. I suspect most of us would be willing to give a "leg up" to those in need. However, I suspect that most of us would expect those in need would begin to help themselves. As long as the federal government continues to give aid the local community will be hard pressed to bring these people into productive lives and self reliance. We will always have poverty but until they are forced to take care of themselves they will continue to eat the free meals. How do we bring about welfare reform? Remember these people vote.

Example 2. I was brought up with the following phrases. Do you want it or do you need it? If you need it and can't pay for it, work until you can afford it. The first responsibility lies with the person borrowing (running up debt on the credit-card) the money. This is a legal debt and that person has an obligation to pay the lender. The second responsibility lies with the congress who wrote the bankrupsy laws. Congress should not be able to say to the lender, "tough luck pal, you will have to eat the loss".
Under this scenario who would want to take the risk of lending money? The judge should be able to perhaps hold in abeyance the debt for a period of time but the debtor still has to repay the debt. If the person "gives in" and repays the debt how was he able to declare bankrupsy in the first place? And, how was he able to afford that expensive mortgage, to say nothing of taxes thereon? This is the third responsibility. The person did not manage his money wisely.

Have you heard any of the candidates address these and other economic problems which plague the nation? We do have very serious economic problems that we must address. Welfare, social security, Medicare and Medicaid have the capacity to seriously impact us. Any candidate willing to take on one or more of these programs?

Granpa Graham


Cary said...

We certainly don't need someone that is going to try to give even more freebies or encourage more dependence on the federal government. I personally am not in favor of socialism - which seems to be the direction some want to head!

LG said...

Hey Momma Cary! Glad to see you are still readin!! love you

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