Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Friends of all Trades...

Erik & I have some very interesting and diverse friends. It just so happens that many are also talented and successful. So today is celebrate out talented friends day. We have
Marty - the internet guru, Kevin the newsguy, Marshall & granpa - the politicians, Jessica the designer, Rachel the writer, Matt the stylist, Deborah the Accountant, My Dad is the Insurance expert, Dusty with his lawyer skillz, & CoCo, Lindsey, Nikki, Susannah the teachers. All of these very useful and intelligent friends! All of you contribute greatly in one way or another to the blog and that is appreciated. What I would like now, is an auto-mechanically inclined friend. Anyone know someone? ha
But seriously, some well deserved shout outs & shameless promotions! Please visit the links below to see our talented friends at work:

Jessica Chapman and her beautiful photographs : JessiDesign
JessiDesign also does amazing logo and graphic design. I could go on and on about her talents. She is the one who designed the MrsGriza logo.
Wayles Carpenter and her phenomenal artwork: ewales
She was also featured in the Opelika Newspaper recently

Tabitha Williams resident Mary Kay Saleswoman & Jewelry Designer: Tabitha Online

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Lindsey said...

I don't know Jessi but checked out her photo blog (link from your blog) and saw some precious pictures of Ann-Daniel (one of Mary Margaret's friends). Julie-Ann (the mom) and I work together. What a small world! Jessi (btw, if you read this) I LOVE THE PHOTOS. What a unique perspective!

MrsWilliams said...

Thanks for the shout my dear! I agree, Jessi's photos are absolutely amazing!! You rock! And, I miss you!

Courtney said...

ha thanks for the recognition!! xoxo

Rachel Davis said...

Hey! Thanks much. So nice. :)

grizaham said...

Good work by all!

Caroline said...

So, I got one. I know he knows a lot about washing cars, so I am assuming he knows about the guts (is that a bad assump?). I call him "Frank the Tank", but he is not a tank at all. From Nashville and moving back soon. Ya'll may know him...Frank Doman.

jessidesign said...

lg thank you so much for the shout out! i really appreciate it, love you, can't wait for yours and eriks photo shoot with the doggles this weekend. pics will be on my blog soon :)

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