Monday, November 12, 2007

Erik Gets Excited !

If you know Erik, you know that he is a pretty even keel dude. The man would never even raise his voice, if it weren't for sports! ha
But for the last 5 weeks, day in and day out, he has asked me "Has the Fed-ex guy come today?" and finally, last week he came! What was it Erik wanted to badly from the Fed-Ex guy? It was an official Nashville Predators Hockey Jersey complete with fight strap. (the fact that I know that, is impressive esp the fight strap part!). Brother Steven got one as well and they are both happy as larks in their new Jerseys!
It is currently Erik's screen saver on his phone if that tells you anything! ha


grizaham said...

That jersey rocks!

Super Scory said...

Go Preds!!

Caroline said...


Marty said...

what a tool-bag... seriously.

Shannon said...

so you didn't tell me that erik is ghetto?

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