Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Do You Use Coupons?

Well, You should! Erik always picks at me about using coupons, and he refuses to use them because he thinks its embarrassing! HA But this summer I kept up with how much I saved from coupons and it was on average about $80 a month. Sometimes more, sometimes less, so I challenge you all to try that this month. We are only 6 days in to November so it's not too late!
When I say coupons, I don't just mean groceries either. I mean online promo codes, those Bath & Body works, or express coupons you get in the mail.. any form of a discount card!
When shopping online, I like to go to a website that searches for discounts for me. For instance if I am purchasing from Sephora, I will go to DeatTaker.com
and enter in "Sephora coupons" and it will pull up any extra promotional code available like say Free Shipping or something like that. You will really amaze yourself at the end of the month how much that 10 seconds of extra effort benefits you!


Caroline said...

Very interesting. I will have to try this. I got my money mailer today so that works out too.

Marty said...

Yes, but maybe if you didn't have those coupons for, say, Sephora, then you wouldn't spend the $50 for a bottle of body/hair/nail/booby/butt spritzer.. and save that $50 (or $45 after the coupon) for alcohol and other health foods. You gotta think these things out sometimes LCG!

LG said...

LOL I know, but i don't count coupons on items I wouldn't normally buy, only on the ones i do buy! I wouldn't clip the coupon if it wasn't a normal purchase!!
.. i was waiting on some(guy) to point this out. ha

Mike said...

My momma told me that a bargain is not a bargain unless you need it. Cupons or not.


LG said...

I would like to direct everyone's attention to the fact that my DAD has finally read the blog! and commented! Hooray dad, even if what you said sounds alot like you take Erik's side over mine! ha

grizaham said...

Well i am just glad she tries to save sometimes!

Cary said...

Have a math question Laura. If you save about $80/month from coupons, how long will it take you to save enough for a new Coach????

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