Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Craziest House that Ever Existed...

I am not even sure where to start, when I talk about this house. My friend Linzy had her wedding reception at this house. Things worth noting:
- The family actually LIVES in this house and leaves for the night when they rent it out
- The owner has SIX, as in one, two, three,four,five, SIX children.
- the house completely huge and makes no sense what so ever, its like a museum you know, does not inspire comfort or "homeness"
- Who in the world can afford such stuff? I mean there are HUGE ancient European antiques everywhere...
- Everywhere you look, there is something , extra, like that a normal person would not think to have in that open spot.
Gah, I am just so overwhelmed I cant describe it but I took plenty of pictures to show ya'll. But the biggest mystery is WHY in the WORLD would you offer a house like this for rental and let a bunch of strangers hang out around your stuff and sleep in your beds? It blows my mind. Although I am not private like with talking about things, I am VERY particular about my stuff! My brother got a regular butt kicking when we were younger for trying to step foot in my room. There is NO way I could let hundreds of complete strangers come hang out, with me not there to watch! Oh and she leaves her dog behind too! Can you imagine me leaving my ralphie! ha
Other things to look for in the pictures would be:
The chappel (yes she totally has her own church in her house)
Elton John's staircase
Some huge thing from the Vatican. I don't know what its actually called.
Her bed is worth 30,000 (so serious)
There is a "Flag Room" not sure what that is about but its neat.


Courtney said...

whoa! where exactly is this house located? is it in auburn?

LG said...

It is in Auburn! Mary Ann Stiles House..

Julie Bray said...

what's with all the dog soldiers?

Those kids must be either really well behaved... or in therapy...

Lizzy said...

I think you should get Ralphie & Flossie's doggle soldier portraits!

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