Friday, November 30, 2007

Big Mike Takes You Deer Hunting!

The Friday after Thanksgiving, my long time friend, Andy Everett came for a visit with his grandson, Jack, to see if we could get Jack his first deer., We got to the woods around 2:00 and did some riding around and spotted a couple of deer in the back of what we call the "Mid Hammock". Andy and Jack did a spot and stalk, and worked their way about 250 yards toward the deer. They then set up for Jack to shoot and he made a great shot. The shot was around 120 yards with his single shot 30-30. Photos of Jack and Andy show two proud hunters. Andy had set Jack up on the doe, but Jack moved the gun and when he found the deer again, he shot the yearling. However I do not know if Jack could have been any happier. He told me "I am a man now".

I have been with several children when they kill their first deer, in fact I was with Jack's dad when he killed his first deer. It is always a blessing for me to see that and to experience their happiness.

We continued to hunt through "Saturday and Jack had about 4 more shots at deer, however he was not successful on those deer. We had a swamp cooking Saturday for lunch, and this is where we take black pots and cook with an open fire. I cooked stew and lima beans for lunch Saturday and I have included some photos of this. It is amazing how good food taste when cooked like this. We all needed a nap after lunch.

Saturday morning, my son David finally killed a nice buck. He has been dog bit for some time now, but finally he got the skunk off and killed a really nice 9 point. This buck was pot bellyed and had to be an old one. I have not aged him yet, but I will not be surprised to find that he is 4 or 5 years old. He was so happy that he told me he danced a jig in the woods. I wish I could have seen that. I was hunting with my new Knight black power rifle, and I killed a nice doe with it. Overall, Saturday was a good day for hunting.

Until next time, good hunting..



grizaham said...

See those pics makes my mouth water. I need to Monroe County Sausage and some venison! And some organic ham! :)

Cary said...

Is that a "deer hunter" thing? I mean NAMING your stands or the area it's in? Yes, I am married to one and get to hear about the "ugly dog" stand or whatever! Sounds like y'all had fun and ate well! Way to go!

Laura said...

LOL I knew you would appreciat this one Momma Cary! We need to get MR. JANKINS down to hunt with my dad! They would have a blast together!

Hendrik Friedheim said...

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