Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Best Address Book Ever!

I bought one of these last year, and am still LOVING it, so I thought I would share. No matter how gadget friendly you are, you still always will need one old fashioned address book on real paper.
This one by REAL SIMPLE ( a favorite company of mine) is wonderful because it has a whole section of stickers that you can just peel out and place over outdated addresses when it is time to update. It has blanks for email addresses and notes too. It also has a section in the back for "Special Dates" and you list them out by the month which was really handy when I was updating my gmail calendar, as well as when its time to go buy birthday cards. One quick glance and you know who all is celebrating each month.
Wrap this all up in a cheap $10 package and you can't really ask for more. It comes in a few different color combinations and you can purchase at Target.
and NO martin! Before you even ask, I do not have a coupon for that!!! :)


Marty said...

ok,ok, i'm done w/ the coupon jokes, but i bet from now on, everything you buy, you'll think if you have a coupon ahead of time right?? Erik should appreciate this what i've done for him..ha!!

LG said...

LOL I think Erik appreciates when I DONT shop at all! But yes, thanks for ingraining that into my feeble brain

grizaham said...

It seems like a good book! Great Job! :0

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