Monday, November 5, 2007

Auburn & Linzy's Reception

After 5 hours, 2 packs of sour gum, i Pack or reeses peanut butter pieces, 1 extra long slim jim, and 3 vitamin waters later, I made it back to Nashville. That trip was a much needed get away and I had a fabulous time. Auburn is always gonna be home to me I think, and I am sad to say each time I go back it feels a little less like home... which is just the way it goes I guess. It is growing and changing so much. Lots of new nightlife and just to let everyone know, when the waffle house is full there is a place downtown called 1716 that serves breakfast foods from 2-2. GREAT! What took someone so long to come up with that? ha Upon checking out the waffle house i saw 4 kids from Monroeville that I used to babysit, and just like that I knew it was time to call it a night! WOAH I am getting old. I super proud that my chinese family has sent Alexi to Auburn!!
Linzy's reception was amazing, not only because it was in that super huge fancy house, but also because I dont know that I have ever been anywhere with so many cultures in one place. It was fascinating, and LOTS of different languages being spoken! All the Indian guys were asking about my Ralphie, he is a super star in the Indian community b/c they met him as a pup and he did everything he could to show out for them. I love the way they say his name too , Ralllllphie with a little roll. So we called Erik on video conference on my computer so everyone could say hi to him and he could hold Rallllphie up to the camera and let everyone see him! Rohit's mother was almost as amazed by this as she was by my choice of hot pink stockings with a black dress HA.
I really loved seeing all my Auburn friends,both from work and just life, because they are like family to me. I lived there for almost 10 years, and my friends that I worked with day and day out for about 5 years so I miss them! Lately, I have felt like I am losing myself, or forgetting who I am, and they helped remind me, and the familiarity of them, and just stuff we talked about makes me tear up as I type this. Familiarity can be very comforting. Ya'll know I still dream about ya'll every night ! ha
Linzy & Rohit made me some special Rohit style chicken Sunday for lunch that was fantastic!! He made it for me post-supper club like 2 years ago, and I have never been able to forget it. So sweet as they are, we had it on Sunday. Great friends!
Then on the way home last night, it got dark about the time I hit Huntsville, and I called my momma b/c I was bored and I needed to wake up a little, and while we were on the phone, some cylinder shaped object came FLYING at my windshield and smacked it HARD and LOUD right where my face was. It scared me to DEATH and took me like 15 minutes to calm down from it. Now, its just a mystery because what in the world WAS that? It looked sort of like a sand bag that shape and size and very heavy, but today I have an interesting white residue where it landed, chalk like... anyone know what this could have been?
Anyway, Thanks to everyone for the great visit! I love you guys!

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