Saturday, November 17, 2007

Anna Catherine & Momma go to Peterman Station

Anna Catherine is my little cousin (and Erik's #1 Fan of all time) and one of the coolest kids I have ever known. I am not just saying that because we're related either! She really is VERY funny. For example, when she was about 4 or 5 she called me at work in Auburn one day. She has pretty much known how to use the phone since she was born. Anyway she called me to tell me that "she really really needs a tube top. She has seen them on some older girls and she wants one. She said maybe I could go to Atlanta or Montgomery or Birmingham before I come home that weekend and she wears a size 5." HA and she was dead serious. I took me like a year to find her a tube top but I got her one, and I doubt her momma ever let he wear it!
So my mom and Anna went to Peterman Station today. Here are some pics.


Shannon said...

And I find it so funny that she would call you for the tube top...HA.

grizaham said...

Little AC is exactly like Laura! She has been that way since she was 4. Its quite amazing!

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