Wednesday, November 14, 2007

American Gangster The Movie

Last night, as mentioned in a previous post, Erik was off work so we had a date night. I know, I know Cory - but we went to see American Gangster at your favorite theatre. You wont believe this but the fountain out front has been painted AND has water in it now! (they must be reading your blog!) This whole next paragraph is for you Cory.
So when we ordered our tickets, the girl asked for our license (no joke) and I say "why?" I mean I was digging it out of my purse, its no big deal, i was just curious what she needed it for. Erik about died of embarrassment right there at the counter. She replies it is state law now to look at ID's when selling R rated tickets. So then I ask, "Did you guys fix the fountain out front recently?" to which she replies " I didn't, our manager might have" ... ha well DUH I didn't mean did you personally go out there with a paint brush, I meant you guys as in the theatre owners.. and since she walks by it everyday on her way in to work, I just thought she might have noticed. Apparently when she was strugglin to count change from a 20 dollar bill, I should have taken the hint.Erik literally ran from the counter when I asked about the fountain. ha
Anyway, that was a great movie. I love Denzel anyway. It was like 3 hours long, but if you like gangsta movies then you will love it!
Then we came home and snuggled doggies all night while catching up on our Dexter Shows. is booming right now, and thus all my internet time has bee devoted to printing shipping labels and folding clothes..


Caroline said...

Loved it also!!! And you better watch out saying that "You love Denzel". My mom might come and getcha. She says that is her african husband.

grizaham said...

haha denzel is hot! yeah! she also forgot to tell you that i cooked dinner. i took a frozen bag out of the freezer, put it into a pan, heated it and yum.

Super Scory said...

Damn that fountain!! It is a simple of all that is wrong with the world today...okay, that's a little extreme.

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