Friday, November 30, 2007

Big Mike Takes You Deer Hunting!

The Friday after Thanksgiving, my long time friend, Andy Everett came for a visit with his grandson, Jack, to see if we could get Jack his first deer., We got to the woods around 2:00 and did some riding around and spotted a couple of deer in the back of what we call the "Mid Hammock". Andy and Jack did a spot and stalk, and worked their way about 250 yards toward the deer. They then set up for Jack to shoot and he made a great shot. The shot was around 120 yards with his single shot 30-30. Photos of Jack and Andy show two proud hunters. Andy had set Jack up on the doe, but Jack moved the gun and when he found the deer again, he shot the yearling. However I do not know if Jack could have been any happier. He told me "I am a man now".

I have been with several children when they kill their first deer, in fact I was with Jack's dad when he killed his first deer. It is always a blessing for me to see that and to experience their happiness.

We continued to hunt through "Saturday and Jack had about 4 more shots at deer, however he was not successful on those deer. We had a swamp cooking Saturday for lunch, and this is where we take black pots and cook with an open fire. I cooked stew and lima beans for lunch Saturday and I have included some photos of this. It is amazing how good food taste when cooked like this. We all needed a nap after lunch.

Saturday morning, my son David finally killed a nice buck. He has been dog bit for some time now, but finally he got the skunk off and killed a really nice 9 point. This buck was pot bellyed and had to be an old one. I have not aged him yet, but I will not be surprised to find that he is 4 or 5 years old. He was so happy that he told me he danced a jig in the woods. I wish I could have seen that. I was hunting with my new Knight black power rifle, and I killed a nice doe with it. Overall, Saturday was a good day for hunting.

Until next time, good hunting..


Just Another Day In the Life

Erik & I were trying to crawl under the bed to retrieve garbage that Ralphie snatched and took off with. When we shined a light under there we found a doggie wonderland of random scraps and tidbits. You can see from the pic they were having the time of their life!

Norma's Mac N Cheese

Today is Mrs. Norma's Birthday, and so in her honor I am posting her favorite Mac N Cheese recipe. EVERYONE loves this mac n cheese!

1 tablespoon vegetable oil
1 pound elbow macaroni
8 tablespoons (1 stick ) plus 1 tablespoon butter
½ cup (2 oz.) shredded Muenster cheese
½ cup (2 oz.) shredded mild Cheddar cheese
½ cup (2 oz.) shredded sharp Cheddar cheese
½ cup (2 oz.) shredded Monterey Jack cheese
1 cup (8 oz.) Velveeta cheese, cut into small cubes
2 cups half-and-half
2 large eggs, lightly beaten
¼ teaspoon seasoned salt
1/8 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Lightly butter a deep 2 ½ quart casserole.
Bring the large pot of salted water to a boil over high heat. Add the oil, then the
Elbow macaroni, and cook until the macaroni is just tender, about 7 minutes.
Do not overcook. Drain well. Return to the cooking pot.
In a small saucepan, melt eight tablespoons of the butter. Stir into the macaroni.
In a large bowl, mix the Muenster, mild and sharp Cheddar, and Monterey Jack
Cheeses. To the macaroni, add the half-and-half, 1 ½ cups of the shredded cheese,
The cubed Velveeta, and the eggs. Season with salt and pepper. Transfer to the
Buttered casserole. Sprinkle with the remaining ½ cup of shredded cheese and dot
With the remaining one tablespoon of butter.
Bake until it’s bubbling around the edges, about 35 minutes. Serve hot.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Granpa Graham's Corner : Globalization

I keep hearing and seeing the buzz word "globalization" but I don't know what it means. It seems to me that peoples have traded with each other for a ling time. Marco Polo, as I recall, brought stuff from the "east" along caravan routes. It is said by some that he first muttered I'd walk a mile for a camel but I personally doubt that. So what is different between "globalization" then and "globalization" now?

I am terribly deficient in economics, a course I avoided in school. However, as technology, information, communication and travel made rapid advances we continued to trade with nations throughout the world (globilization?). The U.S. became an industrialized nation and trade between nations continued.

The peoples of the world reached a point where reproduction resulted in massive numbers of people. As nations matured they began to become capable of producing goods and services for their own peoples and even to export more of their goods.

In the U.S. the succes of our industrialization resulted in raising the standard of living far beyong that of many other nations. Our technological advances allowed us to produce goods in excess of the demand in the U.S. We could continue, it seems to me, to thrive because our goods could be exported around the world. However, our cost of producing those goods exceeded the cost of similar goods produced in nations where hugh number of people labored for lower wages and lived in a different standard of living.

The federal government decided to eliminate or at least reduce poverty for U.S. citizens and our welfare system was born (another small step in becoming a socialist nation, dependent on the federal government for handouts). This system has produced a group of people who have lost their concept of responsibility and pride in independence.

Businesses, it seems to me, decided that their selling of products had peaked and they needed some way to expand and increase their profits. The federal government's effect on education has, it seems to me, dummed down our young people and is giving them poor education. Business wants to hire people but is willing to offer only lower wages, yet people can draw "welfare" and can not afford work for the low wages and continue to enjoy the benefits of our level of society.

Business, I think, looked at all the people in various parts of the world and saw a large market for their products. However, those markets were in need of methods of obtaining moneys to pay for the products business hoped to sell them. Solution, solution, enter the federal government. Business decided that there should be some way for other nations to become industrialized. This would increse employment in that nation and the monies generated could be used to buy U.S. goods. In the U.S. business would profit by selling more of its products. NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), other trade agreements and SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America) were created. The agreements do not necessarily favor the U.S. Under the agreements we would have free trade between named nations. Business could move production of their products to a nation with lower labor costs and return the products for sale in the U.S. The effects on our standard of li ving are not given consideration. To help provide business with "cheap labor" the above agreements remove our borders and allow "free" migration of millions of citizens of a foreign nation. The resulting influx will destroy our society as we have come to know it. I understand Mr. Bill Gates is said to have remarked that if the government did not allow him unlimited ability to hire migrant workers he would move his plant to Canada.

So what does "globalization" mean? I think we have subverted the meaning and what we are doing is not "globalization" but we are allowing the federal government and business to destroy our sovereign nation while China, Japan and others are profiting from our ineptitude and are in position to "eat our lunch" so to speak.

Granpa Graham

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We got a present in the mail! Thanks JAY!

Wells, Today we got a package in the mail! It was from Jay! I opened it up and it was 2 beautiful bottles of Monavie with a matching glass. It got me to thinking, when you get a present that is so good for you, you know you are loved! Not sure if you guys know about Monavie, I do believe it was covered on Oprah, but I will highlight it for you here.
Next to recycling, Food is something i could go on and on about. For instance, Did you know that our generation is actually has a shorter life expectancy than the previous one? That is the FIRST time this has ever happened. Why do you think that is? Well its a lot of reasons like poor diet & obesity. Pretty Pathetic. No one eats as many fruits and vegetables as they need to, and even when you do they are not near as healthy as they once were thanks to pesticides, and poor soil and other environmental conditions. SO, how does one achieve all the antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients they need without eating 400 legumes and fruits a day? well, these chaps over at Monavie went to the Rain Forrest where everything is all still organic, and they discovered these berries (accai) that are sort of like smurfberries in their magicness. They mix all this great stuff up and you just drink a shot of it twice a day and BAM you have everything you need! Its pretty great and easy to do as well. I cant remember the exact cost.. say $30 or $40 a month and you think to yourself WOWSERS that's high, but then you go to Fresh Market and you check out all that organic produce and you do the math and you realize you are easily saving yourself $100 a month. I could go on and on... (as you can tell I am sure) but I will spare you and just give you a website if you wanna read up on it or try it out.
So, Thank You Jay for loving us enough to prolong our life and great health! That was a very cute holiday package! It even came gift wrapped and the whole shabang.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Really Useful Phone Number

Thanks Caro for the email.. I am passing it along!!

Matt Lauer talked about several useful phone numbers today on his show. This is cool for 2 reasons:
1. Foy Union was #2 on that list! WAR EAGLE THAT
2. 1-866-My Traffic is a number you can call when you need up to date information on bad traffic situations. HOW many times have I needed this?

To watch the video CLICK HERE

Monday, November 26, 2007

Oops.. I just woke up!

Erik has been sick today and I was laying with him on the couch for just a minute and then 4 hours later I wake up! Yikes! People like me can't sit still very long, unless we are asleep so I guess I just confused my body with the lack of activity! Erik had woken up before me, and documented my sleep for everyone via picture text Ha...

The doggles built a fort around me!

Ralphie Springs a Leak...

(Mother - Dont read this)

So, last night, my precious Ralphie and I were snuggling up on the couch. He was fast asleep and snoring. Julie walked into the room and Ralphie sprung up , and when he did , my arm was wet and stinky. I knew, right away, he had some anal gland leakage. Erik tries to deny that this problem really exists and he thinks I am making it up, but my nose and I assure you, this is for real. Ralphie has a very sensitive stomach, and sometimes he has issues back there. I am sure the Holidays brought it on, b/c he had some human food and what not.
I share this story, in all its gross glory, because People are not always aware of this with their doggles and it is good knowledge to have.
The 1st time this ever happened, we were still living in Birmingham, and Erik had worked that night. He called me on his way home, and I tell him that Ralphie is sick, something is wrong with him b/c he peed in the bed, several times, while I was in the shower, and he was acting funny. Erik responded to that statement, like he always does : " Laura, there is nothing wrong with the D Dog. Stop being paranoid, you are so crazy"... well I went to work and I got a horrified erik calling me like less than an hour later. He was holding Ralphie, and Ralphie leaked on HIM! ha so all of a sudden, now, he feels that Ralphie is sick and wants to know what to do! Thus our vet trip and $200 discovery of the Anal Glands.
Now to spare writing out all the gross details, I wil provide you with an educational article that you can read for yourself elsewhere... there is even a little diagram.. HA
Click Here to Read
Momma, if you are still reading this you cant complain cause I told you to skip this one! Sometimes people have to tell gross stories for the greater good....

Ebay Rant for the day

So I wake up, and begin checking my email. I generally get about 200 emails a day from Ebay people. About 80% of those are asking stupid questions, that are already answered in my item descriptions, but asking people to read is just too much I guess.
Anyway, Here is one I got today:
I received this item on Saturday and the purse is great. My daughter will be so excited. While I left you good feedback on eBay, I wanted to let you know that the shipping package was received in poor condition. The box was crushed in some areas, partially open and smelled like cigarette smoke. While the contents were fine and - free of damage and smell - thought that you should know.

Now my problem is this, I have absolutely no control over what the postman does with the packages you know. There isn't anything I can do about this. I am sure he was driving around chain smoking slinging boxes out of his truck. She said her purse was fine, and not stinky or damaged.. but she is upset that her box was smashed. BooHoo What does she want me to do about it, or better yet, why does it even matter you know?
Just another of the joys of customer service & ebay.

A Change is Gonna Come...

I am in transition of changing the URL for this blog. By the end I plan on having

for this blog. Currently just is working. So, yall change your bookmarks if you want to. Its just easier to remember this address than that whole blog spot thing,

Also we have a family email : so that if you want Erik and I to read the same thing or anything in relation to this blog that is the email address :)

In Stats, I would like to say we are finally picking up some more states! South Dakota, Ohio, & Michigan! Hooray! Missouri , glad to see you are still hangin!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

WAR EAGLE THAT!!! 6 in a row...

BooYAAA Seth, Maggi, Lynn, Ava, Momma, Nonnie, Marlee, Ree, etc...

Happy Birthday Anna Catherine!!

Saturday was Anna Catherine's birthday!! Happy Birthday Anna! I love you and am so sad I wasnt there!
She made her own cookie cake. Isn't she the CUTEST!?!?

Invasion of Santa Claus

Mrs. Norma has a Santa Clause head that has a feather beard and both dog children think he is alive and must die! He hangs on a cabinet in the kitchen and they can hear that cabinet open from a mile away and are on the attack immediately! Each time the Santa head is moved , there are at least 5 minutes of these barking, growling, racing around shenanigans that follow. Watch Video

Their Cutest Outfits Yet....

These are their Christmas Outfits but they were dying to try them on so I let them...

Nicholas McKinnon Graham

Cousin Jennifer had her baby, a few weeks early, and believe it or not he was born on the 17th. I went to visit them and he is precious. She has a Dog that is like Ralphie but white and it was so interesting to see how he reacted to the baby. He was always staying very close to the baby and whenever Nicholas would make a noise, Trigger the dog was right there to check on him.
(Nonie, try not to notice/comment on me leaving the house without any makeup on! ha)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

New Poll

Way behind on posting... yes I know.. but I have been way busy with all the crazy peeps on ebay. UGH. Anyway, There is a new pole posted over on the left. I always crack up when I get feedback because some of you hate recycling articles ( Mamma Carry and my momma) and then some hate doggles stories (Kevinhead)... so as is the case with anything you can never please everyone. I just like to know the stats. Vote accordingly!
PS. You can vote on more than one thing if you wanna

Outdoors with Big Mike: Take 2

Today is Thanksgiving 2007 and for the first time in my life, I am fishing rather than hunting. Recently we have been having a lot of success fishing in the Mobile Bay, for speckled trout and white trout. This year, my father when asked what he wanted to do for Thanksgiving, told us that he wanted to go fishing. My brother is the guide and he only has two days off per week, one on Thursday and the other on Sunday. So, we planned a fishing trip today to fish for white trout and ground mullet. I have attached a photo of the two species that we were fishing for, and the ground mullet is on the bottom and the white trout is on the top.

The weather man was not kind to us as we had high winds all day. In the Mobile Bay the wind can be bad and the waves high. This was the case today. We started off in what is called North Pass and we were catching white trout pretty fast, but the wind got worse as the morning went on, so we had to move out of the bay and back into the rivers. During the morning fishing, I caught two good flounder, and I sent a photo of my brother holding them so you can see what they look like. Flounder is very good eating.

We moved into Appalatchee River and continued to catch white trout and ground mullet. However, we also caught something else, Blue Crabs. I sent a photo of them, after I had cooked them, as well as a photo of a platter of fried trout. MMMMMMM MMMMMMM Good. Blue Crab is possibly the best tasting meat of any animal on this earth, and Bev loves them. The two of us feasted on them tonight along with the fried trout. Fish is always best when cooked fresh and a little tip to make them even better is to soak them in milk. This takes away any fish smell and gives the fish a great taste.

I do not know if this fishing thing on Thanksgiving day will become a tradition, but I certainly had a great time today.

Thanksgiving without any Grown ups...

It was interesting. We celebrated in Nashville with Erik, Me, Julie, Lu, Steven, Ralphie & Flossie.
We made our own food, which was Mac N Cheese Mrs Norma style, Green BEan Casserole & Ham & Turkey from Honey Baked Ham Co. Courtesy of Granpa & Gloria. (thanks guys!) and then you add about 4,000 hours of football and a hockey game and you got a Graham Thanksgiving. HA. Later than night, I skipped the Hockey Game to go have some thanksgiving Tricky Style with Sussanah's Family at Granny's. Her entire family is so entertaining and hilarious and fun and that was a nice distraction b/c I was sad not to see any of my family on Thanksgiving. To celebrate any holiday Tricky style you must come to grannys with loads of pocket change because pocket change + bourbon+cards = Tricky Holiday! I, came with no change, (how dare I) and Sussanah had to loan me 75 cents to keep me in the card game! HA It was really fun! We played "Kings in the Corner" and cards are SERIOUS business at Granny's house!

Gloria makes me smile!

Yesterday, we got a package from Granpa & Gloria and it was So cute! Inside were 2 Yorkie Christmas Tree Ornaments, which was great b.c we have no ornaments here. All of mine are in storage. There was also a silver Neiman Marcus box inside, and that really got me excited! It was a set of Christmas Yorkie Salt & Pepper Shakes. I absolutely LOVE them! Thank you so much Granpa and Gloria!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Ralphie's Latest Obcession/Trick

As funny as the video is, in real life I thought he was having a mental breakdown. I called my dad twice that night to see what I should do. He was so obcessed with that ball, that he wouldnt leave it to eat, or go to the bathroom he would just sit and stare at it SO much his little head would shake. It took us about 4 hours to get it away from him without him going NUTS

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New things

So today, Maybe i will just blog all day b/c I basically cant do anything else. Still really broken over in computer land. I am on hold again though. And since I already know the mood for the day I decided to tackle all of my unpleasant jobs such as calling BOA to dispute a charge, calling skymall to ask them WHY its taking a MONTH for them to send that return label , etc etc
I can however browse online as I sit on hold, and with that I will show you some wonderfully cool organizing books! Julie Bray I think you will love all of these items ! HA
The website for today gang is See Jane Work.
Very Cool site indeed. I LOVE books that you can organize things in. In fact I collect them. I have a Home inventory book, where you keep paint colors, receipts, & pictures of furniture so that incase of Fire etc you have this for insurance purposes. I have a Concert Ticket book, that was specifically designed for organizing all of your tickets to concerts or other events. Great Book! I have a Christmas List Book, which I have had since '04. It has 4 sections: Holiday Calendar, Christmas Card List, Shopping & Budget, & Gifts Received/thank you's sent. It is awesome to look back over the past few years and remember what all I gave or who I sent cards to etc. There are checkboxes & all that jazz. Its just a great way to keep your holidays organized.
Below are some fun books to keep your life organized.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I feel like I have just fallen in to a huge, never ending black hole. How did I become so attached to a computer? Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhh 
I am now on my third call to Apple for the day, about 18 minutes and 3 non -English speaking people into my holding. And listen, nothing against the non -English speaking people of the world, but DO NOT get yourselves a job working for a HELPLINE for AMERICANS. We are already mad, tired, frustrated etc and don't have the extra energy it takes to decipher whatever it is you are saying OK. RAH
Moving Along...I am nearing 2 hours of Apple calls today. Leopard is finally installed. It looks beautiful, however I have lost all my pics, songs, address book, calendar & 3rd party software in the process.  I will seriously be sitting here for HOURS trying to restore if my backup doesn't come through.
Erik's mac took the update beautifully b/c his isn't all smashed inside.. mine however is like trying to push a 300lb person in wheelchair UPHILL.... barefoot .. in the snow.. 
I am very close to sticking a paypal button in the margin for New Computer Donations..... 

1000 on Ebay!

I have reached my 1000 Feedback mark on ebay today! I have definitely had way more than 1000 transactions ha but these are the ones who have left feedback! Big Deal 1000!! With that 1000 has come the realization that by selling half priced designer goods on ebay, I am not attracting grateful buyers like I thought, I am actually attracting the CHEAPEST people on the planet and they are all a HUGE pain to deal with rah!

Very Important Day

Today, I would like each of you to take a moment and pray for my friend Kevin. A lot of you know Kevin as "Global Golfer". He was on the Auburn University Golf Team and now plays golf professionally. We have been friends for about 6 or 7 years from Auburn and today is a big day for him as he is having open heart surgery. I don't know that he would love me going into great detail b/c he is shy and all but please pray for him that it goes well and that he is not crazy nervous.
Thank you.
Update** Just heard from Kev. and they have moved his surgery till tomorrow ( those jerks! how can you let someone get all mentally prepared and then move it arrrrrgggg) Anyway today and tomorrow we shall pray for Kevin!

What's with Today, Today?

Well today, is all about my sickly little computer and me desperately trying to repair some things. I have a feeling I may not get anything else done today though. Rah. I went to the Apple store yesterday and secured the new Leopard operating system, however when I went to install it, that brought on a world of problems, since the insides of my computer are all smashed to H and back. I was on hold with Apple for 28mins and 15 secs and during all that hold time I think I figured out how to resolve this on my own. My computer is currently repairing itself, so as I wait, I am on Erik's computer which is just begging for some attention. I forgot how nice and pristine a new computer is! ahhhh
Later today, I am gonna go to this computer store, where a guy who works there, also works on Apples on the side, and I am gonna try and sweet talk him into repairing the hinge on my computer screen. I'll let you know how that works out. hmmm
So sorry for the lack of posts and what not... I am stuck in computer land indefinately.
Also Juliel is coming home today so I must bath and fluff up my pups for her. Flossie is gonna be pretty mad about this, Ralphie however should be excited since he cant get enough of the bath tub latey. He actually JUMPED IN the other night when i was making a bubble bath FOR ME. Little jerk.. I love him and all but that is kind of gross.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Did you know? Water Bottle Challenge

That recycling isn't just about tree hugging and cutting down on trash... it actually effects the use of oil in the US? I had a great video on this that I had planned to post, and I cant find it anywhere, but
Approximately 1.5 million barrels of oil—enough to run 100,000 cars for a whole year—are used to make plastic water bottles, while transporting these bottles burns even more oil.
Did you know also, that tap water is actually held to a more strict standard than bottled water?
I mean I think ignorance is a huge part of our problem, that and American are just too lazy to care. This situation needs our attention so I challenge you this week:
Not to buy bottled water, and recycle the bottles you have in your house for a whole week. Just take out a trash bag or an empty bin, stick it in your kitchen and actually see how much plastic you use & throw away in one week. We're talkin water bottles, syrup bottles, medicine bottles, laundry detergent bottles, shampoo bottles, anything... I bet you use more than you think.
Small Video for your viewing pleasure:

Did you know? Water Bottle Challenge

That recycling isn't just about tree hugging and cutting down on trash... it actually effects the use of oil in the US? I had a great video on this that I had planned to post, and I cant find it anywhere, but
Approximately 1.5 million barrels of oil—enough to run 100,000 cars for a whole year—are used to make plastic water bottles, while transporting these bottles burns even more oil.
Did you know also, that tap water is actually held to a more strict standard than bottled water?
I mean I think ignorance is a huge part of our problem, that and American are just too lazy to care. This situation needs our attention so I challenge you this week:
Not to buy bottled water, and recycle the bottles you have in your house for a whole week. Just take out a trash bag or an empty bin, stick it in your kitchen and actually see how much plastic you use & throw away in one week. We're talkin water bottles, syrup bottles, medicine bottles, laundry detergent bottles, shampoo bottles, anything... I bet you use more than you think.
Small Video for your viewing pleasure:

Maybe I need one of these?

Sanyo rolled out its mini digital pocket heater 'KIR-S1' in Korea market. Running on lithium-ion battery, the KIR-S1 supports about 5 hours heating. You can adjust the intensity. The temperatures goes to 43-degree to prevent from getting burnt. It measures 84 x 62 x 19mm(L X W x H) at 85g. Suggested price is 37,800(KRW).

Granpa's Corner: Responsibility

You asked about the candidates running for office. Laura the only thing I can say is that we will need to vote so that one party does not have a big majority in the "government" of the people, by the people and for the people and run by business. I do not trust any of the candidates to say what they mean or mean what they say.

A short time back the local news paper carried a half page picture of a well dressed, young girl who appeared to be in a state of good nutrition. Beneath the picture was the short story that this young girl was the fourth generation of that family that had gotten their meals at this outfit that provided free meals to the needy.

There was a case of a person pulling himself out from beneath a mountain of bills by means of a bankrupsy proceeding in 2002. One of the debts the judge canceled, or "discharged", was $9,000 plus owed to a credit-card company. However, the credit-card company continued to report the "discharged" debt to credit bureaus as a live balance. In 2003 this person tried to close on a $274,650 mortgage for a new house. The lender said he would either have to pay the credit-card company or show proof from the credit-card company that the debt had been discharged. The credit-card company never revised the credit report. To obtain the home loan this person gave in and paid the credit-card the debt, which the court said he no longer legally owed.

Example 1. Should this family be provided with free meals?How long should this family receive free meals? The federal government provides relief for families that are classified as being at the poverty level. I suspect most of us would be willing to give a "leg up" to those in need. However, I suspect that most of us would expect those in need would begin to help themselves. As long as the federal government continues to give aid the local community will be hard pressed to bring these people into productive lives and self reliance. We will always have poverty but until they are forced to take care of themselves they will continue to eat the free meals. How do we bring about welfare reform? Remember these people vote.

Example 2. I was brought up with the following phrases. Do you want it or do you need it? If you need it and can't pay for it, work until you can afford it. The first responsibility lies with the person borrowing (running up debt on the credit-card) the money. This is a legal debt and that person has an obligation to pay the lender. The second responsibility lies with the congress who wrote the bankrupsy laws. Congress should not be able to say to the lender, "tough luck pal, you will have to eat the loss".
Under this scenario who would want to take the risk of lending money? The judge should be able to perhaps hold in abeyance the debt for a period of time but the debtor still has to repay the debt. If the person "gives in" and repays the debt how was he able to declare bankrupsy in the first place? And, how was he able to afford that expensive mortgage, to say nothing of taxes thereon? This is the third responsibility. The person did not manage his money wisely.

Have you heard any of the candidates address these and other economic problems which plague the nation? We do have very serious economic problems that we must address. Welfare, social security, Medicare and Medicaid have the capacity to seriously impact us. Any candidate willing to take on one or more of these programs?

Granpa Graham

Outdoors with Big Mike

Well, this is the opening weekend of gun deer season here in Alabama. Saturday morning, my son David his friend Bill and I all went to the family land we call "The Swamp". However with the current drought that we are going through, it hardly resembles a swamp. David was going with what we call "blood in his eye", meaning he was wanting to kill at least a doe so that he could have some of the back strap to cook. However, someone must have sent out a memo to the deer, because they were not moving at all. David was the only one to see a deer and he saw three, but none presented a good shot.

I went to a big pasture that is on the land and was sitting on the edge of the woods. I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and saw a coyote moving out in the pasture. Well, I have a personal rule that says that I will always shoot any coyote or hog that I see first, even if that means that I will not kill anything else. Both of these are what we consider varmints and pest. I did manage to kill the coyote, but I missed a second one and he was a black coyote that I really want to kill. If I do, I will have him mounted just because of his color. After I shot the coyote, I moved further down the wood line to just get away from where I had just shot. I shot the coyote around 6:30- a.m.. I sat at this new position for about 30 minutes and them decided that I would change my style from sitting to walking to see if I could slip up on a deer. I had not walked 50 yards when I came up on a group of wild hogs. ( Let me stop here to lament our wild hog problem. In the last few years, wild hogs have become a real pest. I like to plant chufa for the turkeys and grain sorghum, and corn for the deer. However, as soon as the hogs find it, you can write it off. I have bought hog traps to catch them, and since there is no closed season, I have hunted them basically all summer. I have killed around 20 this year and it does not seem to make much difference in their numbers.This year the chufa seed which is not cheap, never got a chance to come up, as the hogs rooted them up before they had time to germinate.) Anyway, back to the hunt, when I saw these hogs, I picked out the largest one and shot it. It turned out to be a big sow. Now I had complied with my rule of killing the pest first then see if I could see a deer. As I said earlier, someone must have sent the deer word that we were coming as I never saw a deer.

I sent some photos of me cleaning the hog to show a method that makes cleaning hogs much easier. That is to split the hide both on the top of the back and on the belly. This make skinning them much easier. Yes, we do eat the wild hogs, actually we call this organic pork. They make great bar-b-q and since they have not been fed supplements, they have little fat and taste great.

After cleaning the hog, we all got back together and made sure our rifles were sighted in. I was hunting with a Merkel K1 in 30-06 which is my favorite caliber. I was glad to see that every one's gun was sighted in, but we always do this the first weekend to make sure that over the summer they did not get off of target.

Then very unlike me, I decided not to hunt Saturday afternoon, as I wanted to go back to Hattiesburg Ms. to shop at a liquidation store that is selling hunting and fishing supplies at real bargains. In fact, I was there Thursday and purchased a new Knight Revolution in camo for $184.00. I did not even need it,but at this price, I could not resist. This trip was to take my father, Laura's Paw Paw. Even though he is 78 years old, he still loves to fish and fish he does. I would say he averages fishing at least once per week all year long, and he is very good at fishing. I have a photo of his with a recent red fish catch. He is the man!!. Anyway, he and I went to the store and had a really great day shopping there. They have a ton of Berkley Gulp Alive in salt water for a price of $2.80 per pack when it is normally $6- 7.00 per pack. I should be stocked with fishing stuff now for quite some time. If anyone reads this and lives anywhere near Hattiesburg, it would be worth your time to go there if you like to fish. This was a sporting goods warehouse that had a fire, and they took the salvage out to an old Albertsons store in the Colonial Mall, and set this up. Real bargains galore.

Until next time, I hope your outdoor experiences will be good ones, and safe ones.


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Kathleen Ella Harris is born

Jessica Stuckey Harris is one of my best friends from High School. Erik loves her and has named the GPS voice in our car after her. HA
Jess just gave birth to her first child last night!
Congrats Jess!
Mom and baby are doing wonderful. She weighed 7 lbs 5 oz and was 21 inches long.

Anna Catherine & Momma go to Peterman Station

Anna Catherine is my little cousin (and Erik's #1 Fan of all time) and one of the coolest kids I have ever known. I am not just saying that because we're related either! She really is VERY funny. For example, when she was about 4 or 5 she called me at work in Auburn one day. She has pretty much known how to use the phone since she was born. Anyway she called me to tell me that "she really really needs a tube top. She has seen them on some older girls and she wants one. She said maybe I could go to Atlanta or Montgomery or Birmingham before I come home that weekend and she wears a size 5." HA and she was dead serious. I took me like a year to find her a tube top but I got her one, and I doubt her momma ever let he wear it!
So my mom and Anna went to Peterman Station today. Here are some pics.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Hey Guys ! What about ME?

As Previously mentioned, Today is Flossie's 1st Birthday. She was so excited when she woke up and we ran ran ran down to the mailbox and it was EMPTY. Not one present from anyone so I hope yo guys are all feelin ashamed!
She got a Doggie Couture Food Mat from Erik & I ! and since everyone else forgot I had to improvise and give her some dryer sheets and paper to shred. I also gave her and Ralphie a raw stalk of Broccoli which they love for some unknown reason. The only bummer about that is it STINKS ...
So as I sit here with both dogs in my lap eating stinky broccoli , I just happened by the QVC channel and dear Lord help me , but they are talking about Philosophy products and selling gift sets...... oh so hard to resist! But I must remain strong and resist their soothing voices and popular products because the day that a QVC box arrives at this house, I will be in BIG trouble with snuggle husband. Erik will have an absolute heart attack, as he associates QVC with a serious shopping problem. HA
Now that I think about it, I am at home on a Friday night, covered in dogs, watching QVC.... gah I'm old.....

Did you know?

Did you know that the average American home has [air] leaks that amount to a 9 square foot hole in the wall?
Ok me either... So The Keltons have prepared a way for us to access and repair this problem! They have a 10 Quick Steps to Winterize your home as well as 10 quick tips to get your car ready for winter!
Click HERE to read the list

Griza Blog News...

Well, Finally I have fixed what was slowing down the blog. Kev. emailed me some ideas this morning and so as it turns out the Ebay widget was slowing down the page. Sorry guys. It is all good now though. Keep this up Kevin & I'm gonna have to put you on the payroll! ha Which amounts to half of the $4.38 cents this site made last month LOL

In other news, Big Mike ( aka my dad) is going to start contributing an outdoors article on a weekly basis, so that those 7 of you who don't like reading stories about my doggles will have some other stimulating topics. He is Alabama State Chapter President of the NWTF (National Wild Turkey Federation and really knows all there is to know about the great outdoors. So get ready folks!

Today is....

Happy Birthday

Today is a Birthday!! Yes for SANDRA, BROOKE, & FLOSSIE! Now how about that? Mrs. Norma's best friend and my great friend and my almost favorite dog child, all born on the same day! It makes November a little less depressing.
I thank God for each of you and am so happy you were born!
So, I know its been a hard week. Flossie is mad because I brushed her hair, Brooke is mad that she spilled a bottle of water in her Prada bag, and Sandra has an understandably hard time celebrating her birthday. But today, we shall take a moment, and realize how much each of you means to us. (not to mention the other people in your lives)
Thank You.
We love you.
Happy Birthday!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nashville... Not so big!

So tonight was preds night. It was a pretty exciting night because Erik was off work and we got to go to the game together and bring friends (sean-e-bug & CoCo) and we started off at the Jack Daniels Club where I indulged in a very fabulous buffet. Erik held out for the pizza! ha Anyway we get to our seats and some dudes are sitting in them, and I look at the guy and immediately recognize him as a regular employee at the Apple store! YIPPEE! Finally I have someone to gruel about the ins and outs of working for apple. Kev, I asked if they make commission and he said NO! Drat.He said he was on "salary" whatever that means? and then to make the night more fun, he dates a "goalie girl" which for those who are not hockey fans - a goalie girl is a hot chick who skates around in spandex with sequins and scoops up ice in the intermission. Goalie girls can also give out pucks and free t-shirts! Now Erik & I are both excited about the new friend we made tonight! (apple + pucks = FUN!)
My fabulous 3 year old wasn't there tonight, so my legs got cold and I got bored! His granpa was there though and with a GIRLFRIEND/fiance. Now Granpa I know you read this so I need the scoop like ... yesterday! Granpa (not old enough to be my grandpa but KK's Granpa) is a retired cop from Detroit.. (fascinating man) me ASAP with the story
So tonight during the game, its like regular practice in Hockey World to say " Ref you Suck" and these 10 yr old kids behind me were screaming this, and I turned around, like Where are your parents? I am a grown up and don't say that! and then I remember this dark time in college when I got suckered into an interview for the Auburn University Newspaper, who apparently quoted me word for word and I answered some question with "that sucks" or something to that effect. My mother almost had a conniption fit. At the time, I didn't understand because that isn't a curse word, so I couldn't figure out why she was embarrassed. But tonight, hearing those children scream that, I remembered that newspaper and suddenly understood why my mother was horrified, so sorry mom that I said that in 1997 and embarrassed you. I get it now. (and you are probably wincing that I brought that up again..)
Anyway, then we came home and got the doggles out and I thought we were getting ready to settle down but Erik insists I come outside and "see something"... So wrapped from head to toe in blankets he escorts me outside and then locks the door! I knew immediately that he was kidnapping me to go to the Waffle House! So, we went to Waffle House.
The End.

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