Friday, October 19, 2007

Today is a GREAT day...

Why is today so great you ask? Well its great because i just got a HUGE, Wonderful shipment of Juicy Couture Velour Pants and Hoodies for!! Velour is Juicy's #1 Selling item and I cant wait to get them on the website. Also.. I managed to get Julie a new pair of Juicy Black Velour Cargo pants, like the ones that she basically lives in, that Ralphie ate for dinner the last time she was home.. (remember this post).....

Now all my readers get 1st pic from the site! Except TONYA HOLLIS, who is such a devoted reader of my bloggle, that she was the VERY first one to sign up for subscriptions and she reads each day! So for TONYA she gets one FREE Juicy item of her choice from
Thanks Tonya for being so cool! Love you!

Anyway I must go and work and work today to get everything up on the site. Keep checking back until I have it all listed!

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