Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thoughts from Stevie ..

Everyone has been asking about Stevie so here is an updated report.

Today, on the way home from school, Stevie and i had some very interesting conversation, which is usually the case. I must repeat some of this...

First thing he says is he got a 94 on his States and Capitals test. I feel like shouting that to every random stranger I meet. I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited about this. Not only did he make a 94, BUT he also made a better grade than "the smartest kid in the class" (his words not mine).. So i explained to him that HE is the smartest kid in the class b/c his family history says so and that he is just now beginning to exercise his potential!!
I cant say enough about hoe HUGE this 94 is !!!!

Next, Today I am wearing what I consider to be a Rockin' outfit.. (Dress with Boots), which is the current trend. Well, Stevie says to me "Uuummm Laura ? : What made you wear those boots today?" as in that was a really terrible idea from the woman I regard as a fashion expert.. So I explained the trend to him. He followed that up with " Tell me again why Denim shorts are not cool" ........

Now, for the next bit.. Stevie himself was gonna blog about this. He really wants to be more of a part of the blog, and I certainly thought he should feel included so i thought what better way than to let him type it himself? (first mistake)
So after a 5 min. lecture on how precious my MAC is and how to be very careful with it, I let him sit on the couch to blog. He was doing great until Erik mentioned he was going outside with the dogs. Stevie immediately jumped up (without a second thought to that very expensive and loved electronic piece in his lap) and SMASH the mac hit the hardwood floor HARD. It survived the crash, but sustained one injury; the screen was knocked off the hinges that hold it up. I told him to go ahead and join Erik outside (so that I could have a minute to calm down).
This is what he typed before the crash:
"there is a kid who does not beleve in recycleing. i tryed to get him to belive in recycling. but he says that recycleng is a wast of time. I am going to try to get him to belive in recycling. and one "

He is REALLY bothered by this child (with very ignorant parents) who comes to school saying how Recycling is stupid and a waste of time when one could be doing much better things like playing video games or watching TV. He followed up this rant with telling Stevie to Hug a tree !!! Which sounds like a direct quote from his above mentioned ignorant parents. I call them that b/c the child brought to school a piece of paper where each one of his family members wrote a sentence about how recycling is stupid and then added their signature (even the grandma!!). Again I had to take a moment to formulate the correct response b/c what came to mind was not appropriate for a 10 yr old who repeats EVERYTHING so I said "Well some people are selfish and don't take the time to be considerate to their fellow man or environment so you just have to let him think what he wants to think because you know the truth".
He informed me that he needs a stronger defense for his argument and that he doesn't intend to stop till the boy changes his mind and realizes the damage he is causing by not recycling.
We are avid recyclers and one of Stevie's chores is to crush the cans ... I never knew he was paying such close attention to the recycling or that he fully understood why we do it, till now. And I must say I feel rather proud that this is his conversation in the 5th Grade....

Now in closing I will share with you his self portrait & description :
at the bottom is says

Super at Monopoly
Tries hard
Very happy at school
Eats Pizza
Never very mean to dogs

The last one was my favorite...


Bev said...

Way to go Stevie! I am so proud of your grade on the states and capitals test.

grizaham said...

He isn't good at monopoly! I am!
Yeah, kids love to break stuff.. We need to get him to stop doing all the breaking of stuff.. :)

Lizzy said...

That's a sweet story.

LG said...

His sweetness and the breaking stuff he gets HONESTLY b/c those are traits in most Graham Men i know...
He will be SO excited when he sees that momma left him a comment!

Mom if you leave comments at 2am people are gonna think you are a party animal.. ha

Lindsey said...

Yeah for Stevie and for helping him study, Laura!

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