Sunday, October 21, 2007

Thanks for shopping at Target.. would you like me to shove a credit card down your throat with that?

Provocative title much? Ha yes.. cause I am just curious if any of you have noticed that every single time you check out, anywhere, they are trying to talk you into a credit card.
Last week, I am in the DRIVE THROUGH at the bank (you know, the line you go to when you are in a hurry) and the teller is asking me did I know about this and that credit card... and I was like DUH our one and only credit card is with THIS BANK, and she is all "yeah but you don't have this card and blah blah blah, and so just to try and get her to shut up, I said " well does that card offer purchase protection?" and she says " What is that?"
I am not even kidding. She works at a bank, and is shoving credit cards down the customers throat, and pretty much runs out of things to say after " Do you want one " & " Are you sure"...
Even today, as I come out of the dressing room at Express
the girl says, "was everything Ok?"
and i said "Yes, Thank you."
and then she says, " Do you have an Express Card yet?"
and I (being SO annoyed that now, I cant even browse without being offered a credit card) say NO, I don't have one and I DONT WANT ONE" and I walk away.
rah rah rah.
Now you know, Somebody has got to take them up on these ridiculous offers, or else they wouldn't constantly suggest that you apply for a credit card so that you can save 10% on $30.00. Do you know anyone that needs to save $3 that much? Or perhaps the people who accept these offers can't count and think its just a super idea... This happens everywhere you go, even the grocery stores , and you can bet your fanny that they will offer it EVERY SINGLE TIME you check out at Target. Its an epidemic that must stop! (shall I rally?)
I am gonna stop talking about it now, cause I think you get the point. I was totally gonna skip this blog until I got harassed in Express today so you all have that girl to thank for this rant.


Julie Bray said...

I completely agree!

Dusty said...

You have no idea how annoying this is to me. My story: I signed up for an Chase Amazon credit card because it practically forced me to and to save $30 off an electric razor and some travel books. Well - I never got the first statements, either because they didn't come or I threw them out with the other 40 pieces of junk I got from Chase that day. I thought one day how I'd yet to get a statement and called. They said I was 2-months behind and owed tons of late fees. I went ballistic for about 4 months on them. In the end - I ended up paying $50 in late fees and they reported me to the credit bureaus. I made the last girl I talked to cry. So now when they ask me at Target if I want to sign up for a damned card and save 30%, I tell them to kiss 30% of...

Marshall said...

just remember that the ppl who try to get you to sign up for the card are just doing what their superiors are telling them to. they probably get some bonuses that make their miserable pay a little more appealing by slinging more cards.. don't hate the player, hate the game.

Jessica said...

same thing happened to me that happened to dusty through express, i never got my bill and i called them and they were like, oh, sorry, you still owe us $14 in fees, i was furious. don't do it!

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