Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Takin It Back to the Old School.....

Try and imagine the USA with Hi-lary and Bill as president, a democratic House and Senate, Reed as speaker in the Senate and Pelosi as speaker in the House, Pelosi as third in line for the presidency and Teddy Kennedy on the sidelines. That will curdle your milk for you and if it doesn't scare you nothin will.

On another issue. I mentioned the importance of distinguishing an immigrant from a migrant and immigration from migration. The ACLU argues that immigration is the sole province of the Federal Government. That is correct (see definition of immigrant). We have been and are invaded by 10 to 30 millions of citizens of a foreign power and they now occupy our country. These migrants are costing the citizens of the USA dearly and have migrated throughout our country. Many of the migrants tend to aggregate in certain areas, especially cities that provide sanctuary. The problem is discussed by James Jay Carafano in the American Legion Magazine, October 2007, "Southern Discomfort" page 26-33.

Scattered communities around the USA have decided to enact local laws to help them control the costs associated with their migrant population. The ACLU and others have succeeded in having these laws declaired unconstitutional on the grounds that immigration laws and management of immigration is a function of the federal government. Why not write local laws that relate to migrants? The defining characteristics of a migrant may include proof of citizenship, sponsorship by a local business, medical and hospitalization insurance, etc.

Now suppose local communities write such laws and begin to enforce them. Migrants, facing arrest and jail time, might relocate to sanctuary cities. The sanctuary cities may become overburdened by the mass of migrants. Will the federal government use tax monies from the rest of the USA to support this illegal activity? Will the communities, as Governor Spitzer is doing, arrange for the migrants, citizens of a foreign power, to be able to vote?

Now suppose that the federal government gets around to enforcing our laws. Do you think that our laws could be enforced in the sanctuary cities? Would the migrants just pack up and peaceably depart for their home country?

When you vote for the next president or legislature you might wonder how the elected one will react to some of these problems.

Happy Halloween to all and to all a good night. Sleep well, don't fret.



Cary said...

It's okay Laura. Maybe they will all move to New York where they can get a drivers license even if they are here illegally!
Folks better be very careful when the Nov. "08 election time rolls around or we will all be in deep doo-doo!

Marshall said...

I had to laugh when you mentioned that Nancy Pelosi would be in line for the Presidency... Dave Chappelle said that when he runs for president he would insure that no one would try to assassinate him by having a Mexican VP..

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