Thursday, October 18, 2007

October is Fire safety Month!!

and as it so happens I am a Fire expert.. ha well I have had a few fires in my life. Freshman year in college.. my friends and i had a fire and managed to ruin 2 dorm rooms thanks to Emily's Pink Casio alarm clock from 1983. (remember Pink Casio's?)
Then 2 years later, I was burning a Glade candle (you know the ones in the glass cups?) . The candle was on my desk, the cup burst, and the fire spread to the desk, shelf etc.. and since I wasn't in the room at the time I did't notice it for a bit. Thank God my dad insisted he install smoke detectors 2 days prior to this fire!!
and recently... keeping with our daily struggle to be responsible adults, we had the fire place people out to clean and inspect the chimney.. and boy did we find out a lot. So I will share with you all here some things to remember and perhaps check this month for Fire Safety.

1. Dryer Vents (this is a tube that takes the hot air from your dryer and carries it outside.) This needs to be checked yearly for loose lint, and is a major source of house fires. We had ours checked and not only was it plastic instead of metal, it just so happened it was a piece of drain pipe, not vent pipe and FULL of lent!! Here is a pic of what we found:

pretty bad huh?

2. Yearly cleaning and inspection of your fireplace. Way too many reasons for this but basically that brick part coming out of the roof needs to be properly sealed so water stays out, and also you need to be up to code for your homeowners insurance to cover damage ( i think).
also ( and this is super interesting) the mantle here didn't pass inspection and here is why. Wood has to get up to like 495 degrees hot before it just combusts.. well each time that wood gets hot, the temp. it needs to acquire before combusting goes down a few degrees, so this mantle that has been here for years may only have to get to 300 degrees before combusting because of all the past heat exposure! This is why people are mystified when their house catches on fire after 10 years of doing the same thing... so all wood etc needs to be at least 6 inches from the firebox.

3. Did you know that when you burn firewood it is supposed to be at least a year old already? If you burn younger wood, it causes a bunch of tar and black stuff to build up and that stuff does not come off easily or cheaply, and will also cause a chimney fire.

and so that sums up my safety talk for the day. Go check your Smoke detectors, make sure you have extinguishers handy (that work) and don't throw water on a grease fire.

Oh wait... not the end...

just for the sake of adding interested.. I will add this tidbit..
I am perhaps slightly paranoid about strangers in the house.. for a variety of reason but mostly, I don't want them casing out the joint to come back and rob later, and also I don't want them coming back to get me in the middle of the night. SO... whenever we have workers in this house I make them pose, and I take their picture, and they know why I am taking it! So if anything happens, I have a complete file of possible suspects.. ha
Now there is your proof, that I am every bit as crazy as you think I am.
Here are some recent work mens:


Marshall said...

please post photos of all the workers you have had in your home... that is hilarious

LG said...

perhaps I will! They are all..."interesting" in some way.

irockalittle said...

we just had to have roto rooter come over to clean out all the lint... pretty bad when the plumber says something stinks :) i do wish i had taken his picture now.

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