Friday, October 26, 2007

Now you Do what they told ya!!!

Last Night was really fun. We were just randomly walking down Bourbon and some guy said we should come in his club because he has a great R&B band... and he was SO right. We had a wonderful time ! They played Al Green, Stevie Wonder, to OutKast.. Erik was accosted by many strangers wanting to know WHY he wasn't dancing with me! Ha so after a few times he decided to get up and dance. The whole band had iphones.. which we loved!! I gave them my business card with our blog address on the back! So, Fun band from 544, if you are reading this PLEASE let that girl that sings with ya'll sing Eryka Badu!! Her voice is perfect for Ms. Badu covers..

So today has been fun! We had brunch at the Court of 2 Sisters today and it was so delish! Erik decided he would chug Orange Juice before we left for Brunch and it made him have a terrible stomach ache and he couldnt eat Brunch with us. The waitress kept thinking he was hung over and wanted to bring him crackers and stuff and just kept talking to him like he was hung over but he was really just sick from the OJ! Poor erik..
Then off to the concerts.. VooDoo Fest is not near as organized or clean as Lallapalooza. It is still cool though. Rage Against the Machine was awesome tonight! Marshall (Colquett not Lewis) I think you look like the lead singer of Rage and that you should grow your hair out into a fro like he wears it. What do you think of that?

Believe it or not we ran into 4 people from Monroeville (Stefanie Pulfrey, Trent Taylor, Courtney Barnett & Seales) and 3 from Auburn!

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grizaham said...

Rage was so sweet!! I also enjoyed the two hot dogs and fries i had. Very tasty. Laura also had some gumbo that was excellent. War Eagle.

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