Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dark Spice & VooDoo Dolls

So while Erik naps, I walked down the street to have lunch at EAT. It was Ok. I had a Portabella Burger with Fresh Fruit. Cute little place but more fancy than I was looking for. I love hole in the wall type places.
My waiter was good, however he was wearing ill fitted capri pants and lots of "man gold" which made it hard to concentrate on my food.
I had planned to walk to the river after lunch and go to the French Market, however about half way there I got a call from Dear ole dad and when he asked what I was doing, and I answered, he told me to "get my butt back to the hotel and not to be walking around the NO without Erik b.c people will kill you !" and he said it pretty serious so I turned around and came back to the hotel room.(yes I still mind my father) Erik will be lecturing me as soon as he reads this. HA (according to Granpa Erik's great lecture skills came straight from him) How can I ever thank you Grandpa? @#$%^&
On the way back, I did make one small short stop to this store called "Dark Spice" b.c it had a cute dress in the window. Upon entering the store, it was all too obvious that darkspice is code for "white girls don't come in here", but I was already inside and embarrassed so I just walked around and browsed for a few minutes. I think it was my inner 14yr old Black girl that drew me to that store to begin with. (My friend Matt swears that deep inside of me there is trapped a 14 yr old black girl.) He may be right
and so that was the end of my adventure. Its getting cold here! Yikes.

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Bev said...

Thank goodness you called your Dad! Don't be walking around alone please!

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