Wednesday, October 31, 2007

More Worker pics for my file!

The Fireplace people were back today, and I guess they know me pretty well by now, cause they had the new guy come get his pic taken without me having to ask! HA
I really do love this company and recommend them to anyone in the area. They are very educated, honest, hardworking, AND they clean up after themselves each time they work!
CHIMNEY KLEEN is the name of the company. Today I was telling them how I love their secretary and turns out that was the dude's momma, and then his dad is the guy below in the hat! Its a Family Operation!


grizaham said...

Yeah they are pretty kool! They don't even wake me up while i am sleeping! Maybe one day i can build you a fire snugs!

LG said...

I love Fires!! Cant Wait!

Lizzy said...


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