Friday, October 5, 2007

McDreamy Contest .. Vote for ERiK

Erik is gonna TOTALLY kill me for :
A. doing this
B. posting it on the blog

HA but snugs you deserve some recognition for being so hot AND smart !!
So here goes:

I entered Erik in a contest for hottest Medical professional. It's called McDreamy vs McSteamy. (FYI - That is Grey's Anatomy speak for hot doctor!)
Anyway, I heard about it on the radio and thought he would be perfect for it because every girl I know thinks he is sooo cute... right ladies?!

I am totally sure he will win too!! So I thought I was really sneaky, but some girl in a class he is taking this morning just asked him about his picture being on the internet! HA
Let the embarrassment begin!

You can see the contest HERE

You cant vote till the 8th.. and I will post a link then and make sure you guys all vote for him!!

xoxoxox Erikle! I love you! You will Thank me when you win!!


Nikki said...

that is hilarious! hope he wins!!!

Courtney said...

oh i cannot wait to vote!

Lizzy said...

You are sooooo gonna win!

Jessica said...

omg i am totally voting for erik!

Marty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marty said...

Erik is going to kill you, and it's gonna be bloody... but at least u didnt post a pic like the one guy with his shirt off, what a d-bag! ha

LG said...

ha well he now knows and is completely embarrased AND he hates the pic I used. But uncle louie is in this contest too so now its really getting fun!!

grizaham said...


JaxBookClub: said...

I voted!!!

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