Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Let's Get This Party Started...

Drat. November. A horrid month indeed. But since it is a new month, I am changing some things on the blog, just like I do my ebay business each month. Learn. Grow. Right?
So on the board for Blog news, you can see I changed the homepage up some.. please leave comments with your feedback.
Also I am gonna post my blog numbers for this month (later today). Its pretty dang interesting. Someone in Missouri reads often! I don't know anyone there ( do I)? So COOL I have a new reader. This is my goal! Stranger, whoever you are, feel free to join in on commentary etc. You don't have to be a friend to participate!
I love all the comments & emails b/c its challenging and interesting. Kevin is great with emails on neat ideas, and Jessidesign too! Thanks dudes.
Can everyone see the pictures/Videos? Does the page take too long to load?
Please direct your attention now to the POLL on your LEFT. I wanna see what you think, plus I just thought it would be neat to have a poll .. but anyway are you guys getting bombarded with too many email updates on the blog or are you enjoying and want to keep the way it is? I started this as a form of mass communication for practical reasons, and that is still my #1 priority.Vote soon as poll is just temporary.
Anyway, I think thats all for now so let me hear what you think.. please.. comments are really strugglin lately!! Discuss.


Atlanta Kinleys said...

i like the new color scheme. the page still takes about ten seconds to load for me.

Marty said...

You're doing good on the site Laura! Short snippets, stories & soliloquies are where it's at in the blog world, at least if you want to keep your readers interested.

Courtney said...

blog looks good! although i have a prob with running a script...whatev that means

Lizzy said...

Love the new layout!

LG said...

Ha thanks peeps! CoCo that happens tome to and if I knew what was causing it I would fix it! ha I will keep trying b/c its annoying!
Thanks for the props Liz & Marty

Nikki said...

Love the new color scheme. Keep up the good work pal!

Julie Bray said...

Looks great to me. No problems loading page or videos. I was not aware you can keep track of how often I read... the emails come up as spam on my email, so frequently i delete un-knowingly when i dump the whole spam box.

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