Monday, October 8, 2007

The Latest on my Rash..

Well, No sunscreen has been applied since Mexico, however, I am still itching. I have not had any major outbreaks like sunscreen gives me but i have had some areas of chicken pox type itching.
Last week it was on my neck, scalp, and thigh. Julie said a friend of hers has this problem and her doctor said she was allergic to her own sweat!! So he told her to shower with Dandruff shampoo using it as bodywash..
I tried this with "Denorex" and let me tell you, it felt marvelous, like bathing in icy hot. That relief lasted abot 2 or 3 hours ... then back to the itching...

ONE DAY, i will figure out what all is doing this to me.


Lindsey said...

We switched washing detergent. I asked a doctor and she said that you could become allegeric (sp) to your washing detergent even if you have always used it. It helped Mary Margaret's skin and itching, though it is not completely gone. We are using ALL clear (no perfumes,etc).

LG said...

I too use ALL clear... I am about to go Organic on EVERYTHING

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