Monday, October 15, 2007

It's Just a Piece of Peg Board.... Or IS it?

So I had this brilliant idea of a way to clean of my mess of a jewelry collection.It seemed like a really simple idea in my head! (they all start out that way, b/c I am not much of a logistics person) Anyway, I thought I could just get a piece of pegboard and hang it on the back of the bathroom closet door and Ouila! an instant jewelry board.

I go to Lowe's and the man there explains problem #1 with my idea - If i straight out fasten it to the door the peg thingys wont go in the holes #2 Its only sold in 4x8 sheets (he assured me of this) and I will have to buy the whole sheet. So I hunt down some man to move this huge board and slice it in the correct measurements.
Then when on the peg thingy aisle , I notice a nice ALEADY CUT Perfect size white plastic peg board piece. And so I unload my whole sheet of cut pieces and lay them next to the already cut sheets and then purchased myself one of those perfectly cut sheets. I do this so that when they find my sheets they will notice the already cut ones and suggest those next time.
Gah, this story is getting long, well when I get home and nag Erik enough till he finally gives in to hang my peg board, we discover it wont accommodate the door handle, and it had to be cut. So down to the garage we go and attempt to work a skill saw ( for the 1st time ever) and then the belt comes off the saw and it stops working. Just as we were about to give up, I say those magic words " Babe you are such a good husband for trying so hard and not giving up on my idea" and he was back on that saw till he got it working.
Back upstairs we go and attempt to hang again, but the door is scrubbing the ground (pre-existing problem) but if you are gonna do something, do it right, yes? So then he takes the door off the henges and attempts to plane it (sp?) ... this is the part where bro got roped into project "Hang jewelry board".

All in all, this was like a 5 hour deal and worked out perfectly to be what I had designed in my head ! HA. Thanks Snugs!! "Kisses to your forehead"
Ya'll may not know but Erik is a CHM (closet handy man) and he knows how to do lots of neat things I never thought he knew about. (Favorite Erik trait #269)
Wonder what all the neighbors were thinking as the drove by the scene pictured above?!?!?


grizaham said...

Those are some great pictures! haha good times.

Cary said...

Great idea! Should you patent this???

LG said...

Momma Cary, I need a patent book for all the strange things I come up with. One of my favorite things about being a stay at home dog mom is the time I have to try them out!
Hopefully this week I will finish the dress I am making and put it on here.

Bev said...

That was interesting, using Steven as a human vice. The technique was unusual but the results were great. I'm starting a list for Erik now.

LG said...

Yes, interesting technique indeed. I think Steven enjoyed all but the sawdust that kept falling in his face.

Bev said...

Correction on my comment, I meant to say human vise not vice.

Julie Bray said...

I was wondering who that was pinned under the door.

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